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The Middle Passage Experience

- video clips, images, short stories about the Middle Passage

Neil Somers

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of The Middle Passage Experience

The Middle Passage
The Story of Olaudah Equiano,
p. 49

What was Equiano's experience through the slave trade? How is his experience surprising? "I might say that my sufferings were great, but when
I compare my lots with most of my countrymen, I regard myself as a particular favorite of Heaven, and acknowledge the mercies of Providence in every occurrence of my life."
- Olaudah Equiano, 1789 Historical Task:

Analyze primary sources and images in order to describe both the European and African experience in the Middle Passage. Question:

What was the Middle Passage experience? Do Now: Image Analysis

What do you observe in the image above? Slave Factories, Gulf of Guinea The Tight-Packing Process The Deck of the Albanez, 1807 Slave Coffles Re-visit Essential Question:

How can we use these images and excerpts to describe the Middle Passage experience? Discussion Question:

What was the Middle Passage experience from a European perspective? Why is this significant? “…they are frequently stowed so close, as to admit of no other position than lying on their sides. Nor will the height between decks…permit the indulgence of an erect posture; especially where there are platforms, which is generally the case. These platforms are a kind of shelf, about eight or nine feet in breadth, extending from the side of the ship toward the centre. They are placed nearly midway between the decks, at the distance of two or three feet from each deck, Upon these the Negroes are stowed in the same manner as they are on the deck underneath….” From Alexander Falconbridge's account: How should the slave trade be remembered? How do we remember or memorialize events? Your task:
Design a memorial to honor the memory of the Africans forced to endure the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. You should select one aspect (slave catching and kidnapping, walk to the coast, being held in prison, the Middle Passage).
Your memorial may be drawn or physically constructed, BUT it also needs to include a 150-200 word inscription that will be included on a plaque with the memorial.
The memorial will be graded on creativity, neatness of design, and appropriateness.
The inscription will be graded on the content, length, and grammar/mechanics.
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