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BeeTalk Aplication

No description

Chompoo Putklao

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of BeeTalk Aplication

Beetalk is a free download on App Store.
You can download “Beetalk” on IOS and Android.
Download to embrace a new experience.
BeeTalk Aplication
Look around for new friends nearby you.
Enjoy enhanced chatting experience with whisper massages that disappear afterwards.
You can also use doodle and cute stickers.
Sketch and draw to your friends.
It’s private information and fun.
Benefits of your technology
Free calls; enjoy unlimited talk time with your family and friends.
Free texts; send texts or other multimedia messages easily.
Free voice messages; chat with voice messages conveniently.
Group topic makes it easier to catch up with conversation.
Has a Group vote allow them to find out everyone’s preferences.
You can share your life moments, photos and recordings with Buzz!
Even if “Beetalk” is a top of download but something is not good. Many people always think whatever a lot of people used, It’s must be good but it’s not truth. However, everything is depending on usability of us. If you use the wrong way, It’s will be wrong. Conversely, If you use it in the right way, It’s will good for you.

Profile of your technology
Reasons of needs or price or how to get it
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