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Naomi in the Living Room Presentation

No description

Andy Short

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Naomi in the Living Room Presentation

Naomi in this House by Christopher Durang What the Fuck Happens? The play begins with Naomi giving a very descriptive tour of her house to John and Johnna. It starts (and ends) in the living room. She seems to invent the function of each room as she prattles on, but she really nails the living room. In her words the living room is where, "[We] do all the living."

John reveals himself as her son early on in an attempt to combat her repetitive descriptions. Naomi barrels on and calls for the first of what will become many chair switches between her and her guests. Her guests describe their days at her behest and nervously comment on the comfort of the chairs.

Naomi asks if the two have children and tries to quickly move on when Johnna reveals their 5 kids recently died. Again John tries to get some acknowledgment from his mother but fails. When John leaves to change clothes Naomi belittles Johnna's tragedy. Lil' Bit 'Bout the Plot So Johnna changes the subject to Dan Quayle's grandmother and her controversial right wing interview. When she concludes Naomi requests another sitting switch and asks Johnna to act like her. She sucks at it.

John reenters dressed exactly like Johnna. This upsets Johnna as it recalls the core motivation for their couples therapy. She is humiliated. John exclaims that he wants to be just like her and begins copying her as a child might.

Naomi is uncomfortable with John's fawning -mostly because he doesn't want to dress like her. When she asks why John replies, "I don't want to be considered Insane." Naomi freaks and asserts her ability to be alone and threatens both their lives. John and Johnna politely leave. Naomi reflects on what she considered to be a "nice visit." Lil' Bit Mo' A project,
a proposal,
a journey through His very first Prezi
Presentation Andrew
Short Presents: an excellent question! Who are deez Biddies? les look over hur! Mom of John. Mother-in-law of Johnna. Old enough to have a child who hath born children (5 of 'em). 65? 70? Thereabouts.

But most of all she is:
cruel, enabling, jealous, co-dependent, independent, self sustaining, needy, repetitive, redundant, rude, hot, cold, nervous, uncomfortable, senile, sharp as a tack, tragic, drunk, high, coked out, a loose cannon, energetic, self sustaining, evil, just,
commander-in-chief Naomi Johnna Wife of John and daughter-in-law of Naomi. She is the mother of five now-deceased children that Naomi never knew about. 35-45 years old.

But most of all she is:
kind, gentle, wary, unorganized, unaware, scared, desperate, ticked off, subservient, obedient, a good listener, a captive, a slave, the vanguard of femininity, proper, respectful, attentive, pleading, pleasing, anxious, wounded, a cipher, the audience, and especially:
Never good enough. Son of Naomi and cross dressing imitator/husband of Johnna. He had five deceased children. 35-40 years old.

But most of all he is:
Figuratively impotent, physically virile, a heterosexual sodomite, a rampant ignoramus, easily moldable, a momma's boy, eager to please, hard to change, stubbornly vapid, weakly defensive, defeated, searching, gender confused, and definitely:
A product of a broken home. John But doctor, Is it poetic? why it sure is, thanks for asking! (we did that already) Plot (weren't you listening?) Ethos who wouldda THOUGHT! Now we're cookin' One might say, Dianoia "This play is about..." Madness Family DEATH Abuse Torture Impossible Expectations Johnna- Always with the key words she thinks will impress Naomi or get her point across. ex, "co-dependence", "composer?" "I'm so sad"

John- Often refers directly to what he's talking about or who he's talking to. "Darling", "Mother", "Johnna and I"

Naomi- Topics shift rapidly, much of her speech is never directly addressed, she is gruff in her use of language, her words are often meaningless and always essential. Lexis Maniacal laugh, "Ahahahahahahahah"
Ninja Noise? "HI I HI IHI I IHI I"

Calling to the other room for husband
Naomi playing the "good hostess"

"Tell me about yourselves, do you have children?" Melopoeia Johnna's pearls
John's Suit
stuffed pig
chair and couch
use of space and levels
John's pearls Opsis More. Poetics. Thanks. . This play is ... Just another night
at the opera The Oedipus
Complex eating
itself What happens when an unstoppable force meets two very movable objects.
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