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Making the Student the Center of Instruction

No description

Chance McPherson

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Making the Student the Center of Instruction

Making the Student the
Center of Instruction

Active Schedule
Student Profiles
Teacher Dashboard
This is the default screen that provides access to rosters, previous year's attendance, & Lexile and state assessment data (4th-8th grade CRCT, 9-12 EOCT).
Export Class Roster
To export any page in SLDS, go to the save icon to see the different export options.
Collecting data from student profile
Add data collected from the student profile as well as other information collected from other sources
Analyzing the data
Use the data to differentiate instruction, plan standards based tutoring, student grouping, and to add local assessment data.
Spotlight the Student
Use the data collected from SLDS & thru the year to focus on student growth & development.
Using SLDS to learn about students & suggest individualized goals.
To access your student's data, please go to your district's student information system (SIS). These may be Infinite Campus, Power School, SchoolMax, or a local data system. There should be a SLDS link available in your options.
Georgia's Statewide
Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)

Active rosters should list current students listed in the SIS. Student rosters include name, grade, subgroup info, previous year's attendence, & state assessment data.
The student profile can be accessed by clicking on the student name.
Documenting student information
through data and experience.
Where can you find student information and data?
To see the many benefits of SLDS, please watch our video at
*All data used in this demonstration is real data; however, the student names were obfuscated to protect student privacy.
Brought to you by the
For more more information, visit
or contact our department at slds@doe.k12.ga.us .
TKES Performance Standards
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