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Copy of PowerPoint Import

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camille arevalo

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of PowerPoint Import

Milena Flament
Target Market
For a 1 day run:
Users had to "clean up" several layers of stain on Y! PH homepage
1.8M impressions
More than 600,000 unique users
Engagement rate = 53%
Ave. interaction time: 37 sec.
CTR = 0.80%
Online Ads
TV Show
TVC Plugs
TV Show
Marketing Phases
Young working adults
ABC1, 21-35 y.o.
TV & movie viewing is their top leisure activity
They belong to the 9.12M PH ABC market with internet capable devices
7M internet and cable home subscribers
Goal: 300,000 subs in 3 years = 4-5% of total broadband subscribers
Blink is a premium Video on Demand service in the Philippines that allows users to watch Movies and TV series via their digital devices
Users can avail of the service via various
denomiations to facilitate more options in usage
Own keywords: free streaming, online movies, online TV shows, etc.
Increase digital foot print
Via: blog write-ups, editorials, mentions, reposts, retweets, Youtube, brand's official website, online directories, etc.
Produce relevant content
Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Page Flip/ Crazy Ad Execution

Facebook Ads
Uncompromised journalism
Klout Score Engagement Rating:
3rd next to ABS-CBN & GMA; surpassing Inquirer & Philstar
The 'new billboard' in digital world
More than 2M users access Y!mail daily and a monthly of 9M
1 day in Yahoo! = 8 days in billboard
124 mins time spent/user
Digital Executions
Why go digital?
Out of Home
TV Spots
Editorial Reviews
Search Engine Optimization
To rank 1st in search engines
Yahoo! Brand Channel
To create brand association and own the channel
Over 6.1M page views/mo.
More than 600k unique users
Generated 58 articles
18,400 Facebooks shares
8.83 mins time spent/ user
Movie & TV Show Plug
Ads with coupons for awareness and to encourage trial and increase purchase
The biggest stars will align on this one special night
Opening act: parade of marshals (with the lights from the tablets they're holding as props in a choreographed dance)
Product experience
blink after party
blink logos flashing every where & movie references glowing in the dark (movie reel, clappers, Hollywood sign, etc.)
October Launch Event
Sign-up now and get exclusive discounts!
Editorial Reviews
Product Testing & Registration
Product Testing
Digital mall standees for product trial
Freebies to encourage registration
clickthecity.com Digital Coupons
Go mobile.
Be within customers' reach.

Expand reach.
Reach clickthecity.com's database.

Create coupons any time.
Announce easily.
Direct them to blink website.

Goes live on the app and website.
Location based offers.

1 week/ 100,000 views
Php 300,000
E-mail Marketing
Get the latest deals.
Know the latest shows.
Subscription plan renewal.

Php 15,000/ month
For 25,000 to 100,000 contacts
Added value for customers to prepay credits on blink
Food & Bev. Companies
Movie & TV Plug
TV Show
Yahoo! Executions
Most read magazine in the PH, more than the country's leading broadsheets, reaching more than 1M readers monthly!
Php 226,000/1 full page
1 full page for 3 issues

The leading female oriented magazine for the target market with over 500,00 monthly readership
Phhp 215,000/ 1 full page
1 full page for 2 issues
Use blink website as a sign up tool for external events
Movie/ TV show specific activations
Promote shows on blink
Create a contest
Generate highly share-able unique experience
Sharing functionality to social media
2 weeks = 150,000 views
Mobile App
Php 80,000 = 12M views
Exceeded Facebook benchmarks:
Expected Clicks = 8,000
Expected Likes = 2,500
Facebook Industry Benchmark is 0.05% CTR
First campaign: 0.091%
2nd campaign: 1.663%
Facebook Advertisement
blink pop-up ad every time clickthecity app opens
app sponsorship
1 week = 100,000 views
Duration: 2 weeks
May 29- June 4
June 28- July 4
P40,000 worth (approx. 5,000 hits) every month
1 day execution = P299,000
Run time: 6 hrs
Php 332,000
Banner ads in relevant sites
Content Marketing
Php 200,000 for Facebook App (all promos will be housed here)
Php 300,000
48,000 clicks
Drive to site & drive to Facebook page
May 2013- Feb 2014
Sept. 2013- On-going
October 2013- On-going
Blockbuster & Award Winning Movies & TV shows
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