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Nuha Mirza

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of salat-ul-jama'ah

the daily congregational prayers
1) muathin is the one who call to prayer.
2) mamoomah should stand behind the male imam.
3) no
Where do we pray Salat-ul-Jamaa'ah?
When do we pray Salat-ul-jama'ah?
Who should pray salat-ul-Jama'ah?
How do we preform Salat-ul-Jama'ah?

Important place
Important people
The prophet
Abdullah Ibn Umm Makhtoom

1) Why is Salat-ul-Jama'ah better than praying alone?
2) Why did Allah command us to pray 5 times a day?
3) What is the benefit of praying 5 times a day?
Preforming the 5 daily prayers in Jama'ah is sunnah
mu'kkadah. salat-ul-Jama'ah in the mosque is a very
important ritual for men, our Prophet always prayed
in the mosque with his sahabahs. It's an exception
case for the women, it's their choice to either pray in
the mosque or at home.
Story of a blind man
Allah wants everyone to visit the masjid every day.
here is a story of the importance of going to the
mosque and praying 5 times a day:
"Once a blind man came to the Prophet and said that
would you allow me not to go to the masjid every day because its far from my house. The Prophet said yes. But as soon as the man started walking away the Prophet asked that do you hear the call to prayer from your house so the man said yes. The Prophet then said that, then, you should answer the call."
This story tells us that it is better to come to the masjid everyday for the 5 daily prayers.
It says that " Every one step taken towards the masjid will for surely be rewarded."
Abdullah Ibn Umm Makhtoom who was the blind man became a great muslimand the Prophet trusted him greatly so he made Abdullah the Mu'athin (the one who calls towards prayer) of the masjid. Sometime while the Prophet used to travel Abdullah was chosen as the leader of Madinah .
Whenever we go to the masjid to preform salat-ul-jama'ah we please Allah and earn the barakah or the blessings of praying in the mosque. In salat-ul-jama'ah everyone is equal because the rich stand next to the poor as they stand before Allah. And by attending islamic classes in the masjid could help us be a very good muslim.
Abdullah Ibn Umar says: " The prayer in
congregation is superior to a prayer performed
induvidually by 27 degrees."
Where do we pray salat-ul-jama'ah or congregational prayer ?
Usually we pray in the masjid and the Prophet himself along with his sahabah used to pray in the masjid 5 times a day. You can also pray salat-ul-jama'ah in a group at school, work, home but only then when you are unable to go or if you are sick etc. When you pray salat-ul-jama'ah in the masjid you are the most rewarded.
When do we pray salat-ul-jama'ah ?
Muslims pray in the masjid 5 times a day, muslims pray after the adhan (the call to prayer).
who should pray salat-ul-jama'ah?
Our Prophet said and encouraged all muslims to pray salat-ul-jama'ah, men are only excused while they are sick or if they have and injury etc. But in womens case when she cant pray in mosque and she is looking after her child and praying Allah gives great reward to her.
How do we perform Salat-Ul-Jama'ah ?
1) where to stand
The imam stands in the middle of the front line and then stand the men and then the boys, the girls stand leaving a gap between the themselves and the men and if in case there is a huge group of congregation you should make sure that you stand in the right line.
The ma'moom (person following the imam) stands to the right of the imam. Same goes for the female imam and the female ma'moomah.
If there is a male imam the female ma'moomah stands behind the imam
2) how to follow the imam
You should follow every move that the imam makes.
You should quietly say "Allahu Akbar" while the imam says it loudly.
While the imam is reciting the surah out loud the muslims should recite it quietly with the imam to themselves, then they wait for the imam to make every movement the imam makes.
When the Qur'an is being recited muslims listen to it quietly as well as the imam, the imam also recites the surah to himself. They make every movement with the imam.
You should never make a movement before the imam.
Always remember while praying that you are standing before Allah, dont do unenecessary thing, be respectful to those beside you and dont be so loud that the other person could hear you and try taking up less space.
1) Who is called as a mu'athin ?
2) Where should ma'moomah stand with the male imam?
3) Is it important for a women to pray in the masjid?
3) salat-ul-masbooq: joining a group in prayer after the imam has started
When you join a group in prayer after the first rak'ah has finished it's called as salat-ul-masbooq. If in case you get late for the prayer u walk in the mmasjid calmly and join the other and the say "Allahu Akbar" and follow the imam.
After the imam has completed the tasleem you may then cover up your missed parts, if you join the imam before the ru'kooh (the bowing position) you count that as a ra'kah.
"If you happen to join the group while the imam is still in rukoo' position, then you didnt miss a rakah but if you join after the imam has done the rukoo' then u have missed the rakah and you will have to make it up."
The following are the possible scenarios for salat-ul-masbooq:
If it is Asr prayer and you miss only one rakah you will cover it up after the imam does the tasleem.
If you miss two rakahs of the Asr prayer, and after the imam makes tasleem you do your two missed rakahs and end your prayer as usual.
If you miss 3 rakahs of the Asr prayer you stand up to pray 3 more rakkat but after the imam makes tasleem. You end your prayer as usual but you make juloos and read the first tashahhud after the 1st rakah.
If you miss all of the rakahs of the Asr prayer you stand up to pray the asr prayer as usual but after the imam makes tasleem.
true and false
1) Our prophet told us to pray 5 times a day.
2) the mamoomah should stand beside the male imam.
3) Salat-ul-Jamah is to pray indivisually.
true and false
1) true
2) false
3) False
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