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Russell Allen Phillips

No description

Charlie Lott

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Russell Allen Phillips

Russell Allen "Phil" Phillips
Greencastle, Indiana
Born August 1, 1916
La Porte, Indiana
Grew up in La Porte, Indiana
Enlisted in Air Corps at Fort Benjamin
Harrison, Indiana, in 1941
Engaged to Cecile Perry
Family home in La Porte
Sent to training at Oahu in Hawaii
Assigned as pilot to B-24 bomber Superman
Sent on mission to Nauru where Superman was shot to pieces
Assigned to the crew of the Green Hornet
Sent on a search and rescue mission for a missing B-24 off Hawaii
Forced to ditch in open sea
Bombed Nauhu and fought off
three Japanese "Zero" planes
The plane was shot 594 times by
anti-aircraft guns and opposing
Louie Zamperini examining Superman's bullet holes after Nauhu
The B-24D Superman
The crew returned to Oahu where Superman was scrapped
Assigned to the crew of the B-24D Green Hornet
Sent on a search and rescue mission for a missing B-24 off Hawaii
The B-24D Bomber Green Hornet
Pacific Ocean
The crew bailed over the Pacific
Louie and Phil survived for 47 days on a raft, fending off sharks, thirst, and starvation
A Japanese ship picked up the men in the Pacific
They were brought to the secret prisoner of war camp Kwajalein
survived 47 days at sea with bombardier Louie Zamperini
picked up by Japanese ship
taken to secret POW camp Kwajalein
sent to secret Ofuna POW camp
treated cruelly by guards, especially one called "The Quack"
as an officer wasn't forced to work, but given especially low rations
lost 60+ pounds on boat and at camp
Ashio Mining Camp
separated from dear friend Louie Zamperini
forced to work hard, long days at Ashio Camp mining copper
saw multiple POW's die in front of his eyes, goaded on by ruthless guards
given fewer rations due to his officer rank
lost 70 pounds in total
Copper Mines at Ashio
returned home to Honolulu Hospital
kept due to treatment for seven months
Cecy and parents waited in Indiana
told only that he was alive, not that he was being kept in Honolulu
Phil upon leaving Honolulu Hospital
Home at last!
returned home October 16, 1945
met by parents, friends, and fiancee Cecille
ran off with Cecy and married her within the month
haunted by the things he saw at war all his life
<Photo taken on front steps
the day Phil returned
Lieutenant Russell Allen Phillips died on December 18, 1998
the book
by Laura Hillenbrand recently documented his story as a part of Louie Zamperini's biography
a movie to be released in 2015 based on the book will feature James Franco as Louie Zamperini and Matt Damon as Phil
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