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saurabh mishra final head security

No description

saurabh mishra

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of saurabh mishra final head security

HEAD, SECURITY NEW SAC MISCLANEOUS 6 PSO's(4 boys+2 girls) 10 SSO/SO(boys) 4 SSO/SO(girls) X 4 4 PSO'S 12 SSO/SO x4 8 PSO's(6 Boys+2 Girls)
20 SSO/SO(15 boys+5girls) SECURITY PLANS Disc
Hall 1 Parking Lot Auditorium Audi Grounds New SAC Traffic Plan General Overview Pass policy Faculty pass
Staff Pass
Guest pass
RA pass
Sponsor Card(only valid with company I card)
Media Card
Guest Card Call for PSO's in first week of August. Final list of PSO's by last week of August Form FAC(Faculty Advisor Commitee) by 2nd week of August Finalize all security plans with FAC and Head Security officer,IITK by 10th September. Finalize all SSO's and SO's by last week of September
Present the pre-conduction report in senate at least 2 weeks before the festival. For RA/Staff Pass the PF number on the pass must match with the PF on their Institute I card. Bags and cameras aren't allowed inside the venue.Cameras with stickers on them will only be allowed General Code of Conduct All participants must carry their college Identity Cards and booklets(issued by the Hospitality cell) at all times during the festival and should produce the same on demand.Participants are also required to carry their NOCs along with them. Consumption of liquor or any other intoxicant or Smoking is strictly prohibited. Any kind of indiscipline during any time of the festival shall lead to strict disciplinary actions against the contingent concerned. Entry into the academic area after 11:59 PM is prohibited. Areas Out of Bound Area behind Hall 10. Any construction site. Faculty and staff residences. Areas behind Aerospace Department including air strip. Adjoining villages. Academic area after 12:00 pm. No consumption, storage or carrying of any intoxicating substances or smoking at the place of accommodation.

Male participants are not allowed to enter any of the girls’ accommodations (halls and quarters). Girls are allowed to visit the boys’ hostels from 6:00 am to 00:00 hrs with confinement to central quadrangle and canteen. Entry in the accommodation rooms is strictly forbidden.

Participants should not damage any hall property.

Observe the rules and regulations of the respective places of accommodation. Cooperate with respective HECs and Hall residents Code of Conduct at the place of accommodation Miscellaneous List of participant will be provided to the security team by event coordinator prior to the event. Proper emergency preparation by ensuring availability of fire extinguishers and ambulance at venues. Security plans and traffic routes mailed to all IITK junta in order to avoid any inconvenience. Female security personnels can be hired for some major shows. There will also be a team of 4-6 PSO's who will closely assist the security Head during Antaragni THANK YOU Availability of disposable glasses instead of bottles at food stalls. Distribution of passes one week prior to the festival. Print I cards of Security 2-3 days before the festival. Areas beyond Health Centre - Girl's Hostel-2 road The traffic movement for Nankari Residents will be via the Hall 2-Old SAC.
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