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Creating an Illustrated Myth

No description

K Lockett

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Creating an Illustrated Myth

Step 5: Write the draft
A lead that hooks the reader
Vivid details
Characterization and setting
Explanation of natural phenomenon
Step 6: Create illustrations (at least 3)
Creating an Illustrated Myth
Writing Groups
1. Turn to page 84. Review the Peer Response Form Questions
2. Read a classmate's myth.
3. Complete Peer Response Form in THEIR PACKET
4. Discuss responses on form
5. Begin revisions (
refer to Peer Responses and Scoring Guide
Publishing your Illustrated Myth
Step 13: Edit your draft (GUMS)

Step 14: Create a title, type and assemble your myth with illustrations

Turn in myth - Friday, November 8th.
Planning your Illustrated Myth
Step 1 - Review myths in unit; identify purpose and theme
Step 2 - Brainstorm ideas for natural phenomenon, characters, conflict, and lessons
Step 3 - Select one idea; brainstorm illustration ideas
Step 4 - Complete plot diagram

See page 81 in your packet for more info
Drafting your Illustrated Myth
Planning your Illustrated Myth
Decide how you will publish your story?
A story book, a graphic novel, a scroll, a display board...
Bell Work
Distributors: Working Folders
Bell work
Read the "Creating an Illustrated Myth Scoring Guide" on page 86.

Mark the text:
1. Circle the key words in the Exemplary category for each Scoring Criteria

2. In the margin, write what you still need to do to make your myth exemplary
Distributors: Working Folders
For each myth you read today, write...
-Title of myth and authors
-Natural Phenomenon explained:

-Most appealing illustration:

-Describe the main character or the setting:

-Write one question about the myth that you have for the authors:
Bell Work
5 minutes

1. Sit with your partner.

2. Put any finishing touches needed onto your myth.

3. Take out one sheet of paper (you will share this paper with your partner.
Creating an Illustrated Myth Reflection
Independently (not with your partner) answer the following questions:

1. Explain one strength you had in creating the illustrated myth.

2. Explain one weakness you had in the process.

3. What would you do differently if you had to do this again?

4. If you had to give your partner a grade, what would you give them? Why?
Take out your reading journal
Stack all papers, your myth, and your working folder on the oldest group member's desk to be collected.

Make sure you have turned in your reading journal.
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