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Drug Abuse

No description

Ethan Edwards

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Drug Abuse

DRUG ABUSE What is drug abuse? Drug abuse has many different defenitions related to using any drug for no medical purpose or reason. What is drug abuse? Is drug abuse stoppable? The UN's commision of Narcotic Drugs session in March 11-20 of 2009 stated, "We are determined to tackle to world drug problem and to actively promote a society free of drug abuse..." People may wander where the
drugs are coming from. Here is
a chart to show the percentages. Terminating drug abuse completely will take more than just a few days. Although, with most high schools and middle schools having drug awarness programs, it may keep young teenagers from being influenced by their peers to try some kind of drug weather it be marijuana or a simple prescription Tylenol. Drug abuse can be and eventually will be very fatal, not only physical but also emotionally. The use of drugs can become uncotnrollable very quickly and cause the person using them to feel alone, depressed, or ashamed. The solution to drug abuse can be to recognize that the person has a problem and go to rehab to get help. Otherwise, I think the best solution would be to leagilize drugs to see if people will stop using them so much. I don't think people would feel the same after using the drugs because they are sneaking it right now and if they leagilize drugs, what would be the thrill of using them just besides getting a high.
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