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My WorldView

No description

John Absalon

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of My WorldView

By: John
My Worldview
My knowledge has came from many places for example my parents, teachers, or even my own experiences. My knowledge mostly comes from my teachers since they help me mentally. And with sports coaches teach me new skills helping me in my sport. My knowledge has even came from my Jesus which he says that he'll provide a future if I believe in him. Which I find to be right and think I shouldn't put a god before him. But I think any type of knowledge is helpful since it depends what your doing with it; like to inspire someone or even educate someones point of view.
That's It
Done ~_~

I'm hawt ain't I

Where I live is in Edmonton, where I was born and raised with a Filipino back round. Living in Edmonton or generally Canada, its difficult to play outside since you really might get 3-4 months of perfect weather to play outside. And when the seasons change the amount of clothing you have to put on annoys me with all the layers. But overall I love the seasons changing like summer to fall which are the best. But what I'm looking forward for is my trip which may in fact change my world view on Edmonton.
My main Contacts in life are family and friends, since I literally talk to them a lot or vent my Problems to them, and which support me at times. While I have to still keep contact with teachers and coaches so they can help me to improve my skills in some sort of way and so I know whats coming up. These four things in my life have influenced me life and reflects who I am. And to be honest without them I wouldn't know what the meaning of life would be or myself.
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