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We will show you how to use the awesome Prezi.

Marshall Kray

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of project

Difference's between Prezi and Powerpoint Prezi 1. Easier and faster 2. No slides needed 3. Big Whiteboard Powerpoint 1. Add new slides 2. Special Effects 3. Inserting Text Boxes How you use Prezi Click anywhere and you can enter text. Zoom in and out on anything
you want. Add special features Choose where you want to zoom in and out Special Features Easy to print Unlike powerpoint in Prezi you can zoom in to get your point across You can add complex graphix and pictures Use bullet points and footnotes Tips and Tricks Use headings Different shapes and sizes Adding anywhere you want Jumble ideas into one box How to use Prezi What else is there to know? Using different backgrounds Delete anything you want Rotate Text to different angles Click anywhere you would like By: Marshall and Luke
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