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Gender Roles and Identity

No description

Jennifer Marquardt

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles and Identity

Gender Roles and Identity

We are born Male
Socially constructed identity

People "perform" their gender

Question: is this an accurate way to represent the self?
Sex vs. Gender
What's the difference?
Performing Masculine
Performing Feminine
Failure to Perform Masculine Role
"Bad Man"
Gay/Fag (challenges sexuality)
Effeminate (challenges gender)
Momma's Boy (challenges autonomy)
Failure to Perform Female Roles
("Bad Woman")

- monster (challenges morality)
- bitch (challenges worth/value)
- dyke (challenges sexuality)
- slut (challenges sexuality)

Challenges to Female Gender Roles
Repercussions of Challenging Feminine Roles
Repercussions of Challenging Traditional Male Roles
specific challenges to F/M gender roles
transvestite(Dallas buyers club)

Korean president

some Korean male pop start
Jin Xing
Female President in South Korea
stay at home to take care of children
transvestite(Boys, don't cry)
Female that challenge the tradition:

1.women do what ordinary male did( WuZetian, female emperor of China Tang Dynasty)

Result: they will be pushed out by some dominant man

2.to participate in politics afford much pressure
3.wear little in public be regarded as immoral
4.act rudely that did not like a girl should do
play computer game with boys but not with girls.

Result: be ashamed by others, lose their friend.
act as a terrible model for children.

5.can not act too active,liking a boy ,for example,climbing tree or fight with others.
6.female is asked to be familiar with housework.Cooking or dishing or washing.
results: Social public opinon burden,such as scolded by others

male that challenge the tradition:
1.man always plays with girls
2.to be a house-husband be despised by some of others.
3.always look himself in the mirror.
4.always be careful about thier face.
5can not cry in front of people.
6always being asked to be braver than female.
7It is responsibility for male to take care of family. if not, man will be scoded.
8.in china,male can not give others kneel excluding parents.
9man should be gentel to female
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