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David Suzuki - Goals & Accomplishments

No description

Sarah Yahia

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of David Suzuki - Goals & Accomplishments

David Suzuki - Goals & Accomplishments Activist achieved his goals and still achieving many more Successful Canadian Activist Goals 1. protecting our climate around the world Accomplishments wrote books
52 adult
19 children
The David Suzuki Foundation co-founder - 1990 become world leader Science broadcaster, environmental activist make others realize the affect they have in the world 2. transferring the economy 3. protecting nature 4. building a safe community 5. reconnecting with nature speeches and presentations won 25 honorary degrees in Canada, U.S., & Australia honors in PhD in Zoology from University of Chicago in 1961 now and future
host shows - The Nature of Things on CBC change perspectives raise awareness of nature officially opened in 1991 concentrates on environmental issues
climate change
global warming changed lives and helped the economy save the planet "It's time we stop ignoring the environment." - David S.
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