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How Beautiful Is The Rain

No description

Shehzad Hanif

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of How Beautiful Is The Rain

"In The Furrowed Land
The toilsome and patient oxen stand" How Beautiful Is
The Rain By Shehzad
and Vignesh Now You Are All Ready for the exam Best if Luck This poem shows Longfellow's great gift of
being able to write melodious poetry. This
poem is really a song of praise. It describes
how the rain falls after a hot day in the
summer and how various people welcome it.
The poem is full of rhythm and beauty. About the poet Thank You Questions It was written by the great American wordsmith Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and demonstrates his ability to write with melodious words and rhythm

The poet lived from 1807 to 1882 and
started publishing his words at the
age of 13. After school and college he
became a professor of modern
languages at the age of 22. By
1836 he had become a professor at
Harvard University. But in 1854 he
gave up his job and devoted all of
his time to writing poetry.  Give a summary of how
beautiful is the rain in
one sentence? The poem is a song of praise
describing how welcoming
it is to see. Why does the poet describe the country side saying, “Like a leopard’s tawny and spotted hide” The poet describes it like that because
the grass is very dry and the grains are
even drier. What is the meaning of
yoke encumbered? Yoke-encumbered : weighed down and hampered by a yoke(the wooden cross- piece fastened over necks of oxen) Where is the farmer sitting? The farmer is sitting under a sheltering
tree, near his pastures of grain and fields
of crops. From where does the boys
come, making more than their
usual noise? The boys come the neighbouring school. What does the sick man
do when he grows calm
again? He breathes a blessing on the
rain. Sometimes rain can
be blessing or a curse.
Write a short essay. New Message Why is the oxen described as patient Why are the oxen toilsome ----******----- The oxen are described as patient
Because they have been waiting
all summer for the rain The oxen are toilsome because they
had furrowed the entire plot land
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