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Karen Hilchey

No description

Shauna Waterman

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Karen Hilchey

Karen Hilchey
Professional Translator and Interpreter
What can I Interpret?
- Bilingual oral conferences

- Jury trial witnesses

- International meetings, conferences, congresses

- Consultations, judicial proceedings, professional and union meetings

- Programs and procedures in both official languages pertaining to immigration and citizenship

What Education do I have?
Universit é Laval, Saint-Foy
- Certificate in pedagogy (1990)

- Bachelors Linguistics/Translation (1987-1990)

- Certificate in French as a Second Language (1985-1986)

St. Lawrence College

- Cegep Diploma (1983-1985)

Why Should You Choose Me?
I have acquired the necessary skills from well known educational institutions

25 years cumulative experience interpreting, translating and teaching English as a Second Language

I am a dedicated professional in my field, who will be committed to ensuring your organization's experiences are superior

Other Relevant Experience
- Translating documents and conversations, including business, employment, governmental, political, general documents and research projects

- Proofreading and correction of mistranslations

- Teaching (English as a Second Language)

Karen Hilchey
English - French and French - English
What Kind of Interpreting
Have I Done?
- Legal

- Government

- Remote and in person interpreting

- Focus Groups

- Business

- Master of Ceremony for a Citizenship Celebration and Civic Award Ceremony.

Why am I the right Person for YOU?
Not only do I have extensive experience, it includes international meetings, conferences, congresses, consultations and judicial proceedings. This means I am already familiar with translating and interpreting at the international level. I have the skills and the confidence to take on such a role with your organization
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