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First Aid (Role Play)

Supervised By: Dr. Nahed El-Nagger

SnSn Al-Jawi

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of First Aid (Role Play)

(Role Play) First Aid Heat Stroke Choking Foreign Body Objectives Define heat stroke. Identify types of foreign bodies. Demonstrate the first aid of splinter. Define choking. Demonstrate the first aid of nosebleed. Discuss first aid of choking. Discuss first aid of heat stroke. Why is first aid important? Introduction What is first aid? The care given for emergency situations before medical help arrives. To save a life. To prevent further injury. To preserve vitality and resistance to infection. - Heat Stroke
- Choking
- Foreign Bodies.
- Nosebleed. First Aids of: What is heat stroke? Manifestations First Aid for Heat Stroke It is a condition in which the body becomes overheated in a relatively short space of time and it canbe a life-threatening condition,requiring urgent medical attention It manifested by the following signs:
- Flushed skin.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Rapid heart beats and breathing. 1. Move the victim to a cool place.

2. Remove as much the victim's outer clothing as possible.

3. Lie down the victim with elevated legs. 4. Wrap the victim in cold wet sheet.

5. Replace it if dried and repeat this process until his temperature is back to normal. If the victim didn’t answer then treat it as severe obstruction and do the following: What do you do when you see someone choked ? What is choking? It is a blockage of the upper airway by food or other objects, which prevents a person from breathing effectively. First, you need to check the his response by asking him “Are you choking?”

if he answered “yes!” you treat it as a mild obstruction:
Encourage him to continue coughing and nothing else. 1. Stand behind the victim, support the chest with one hand and lean him forward.

2. Give him five blows between the shoulders with the heel of your hand.

3. Check to see if the back flow has relieved the airway obstruction.

4. If the five blows fail to relieve the airway obstruction start giving him five abdominal thrusts. Abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver) 1. Stand behind the victim and put your arms around the upper part of his abdomen and lean him forward.

2. Clench your fist and place it between the naval and the bottom end of sternum. 3. Grasp this hand with your other hand and pull sharply inward and upward. Repeat it five times.

4. If the obstruction is still not relieved, continue the five back blows with five abdominal thrusts. Types of Foreign Bodies Splinter. Swallowed foreign body. Foreign body in the ear. Foreign body in the nose. Inhaled foreign object. Foreign body in the eye. Umm Al-Qura University
Faculty Of nursing
Fundamentals of nursing 1
Second Year
1433 – 1434 H List the causes of nosebleed. List the clinical manifestations of heat stroke. Nose Bleeding Causes of Nosebleed Trauma to the outside of the nose. Bleeding disorder. Blowing to the nose hard. Picking the inside of the nose. High blood pressure. First Aid for Nose Bleeding 1. Reassure the victim and make him sit down.

2. Ask the victim to tilt his head forward. 3. Ask him to breath from his mouth without swallowing or speaking.

4. Tell the victim to pinch the soft part of the nose. 5. Hold for 5 minutes then add 10 minutes if the bleeding continued.

6. Apply ice bag to nose and cheeks.

7. Transfer him to the hospital if the bleeding does not stop. It is a sharp part that enters the top layer of the skin and can cause an infection. What is a Splinter? First Aid for Foreign Bodies(Splinter) 1. Wear gloves.

2. Clean around the wound by soap and water. 3. Sterilize the tweezers with a lighter for example.

4. Grasp the splinter by the tweezers. 5. Squeeze the wound and clean the area with disinfectant.

6. Apply plaster. Summary - Definition of heat stroke.

- Manifestations of heat stroke.

- The first aid of heat stroke.

- Definition of choking.

- The first aid of choking. - How do the abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver).

- Types of foreign bodies.

- The first aid of splinter.

- Causes of nosebleed.

- The first aid of nosebleed. References - Check list of heat stroke.

- Check list of choking.

- Check list of foreign bodies.

- Check list of Bleeding.

- Medical News Today. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com

- Emedicinehealth. http://www.emedicinehealth.com

- WebMD. http://www.webmd.com

- BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk

- Netdoctor. http://www.netdoctor.co.uk

- Wiki Answers. http://wiki.answers.com/ Thank You Prepared By 2nd Year Students: - Sondos Al-Jawi.
- Amal Kaky.
- Rawan Al-Barakati.
- Sheekha Benjabi.
- Ebtihal Al-Hammad.
- Sumiyah Al-Sayed.
- Bashaier Al-Malki.
- Khadija Al-Mubarak. Supervised By: Dr. Nahed El-Nagger Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing Prepared By 2nd Year Students: - Sondos Al-Jawi.
- Amal Kaky.
- Rawan Al-Barakati.
- Sheekha Benjabi.
- Ebtihal Al-Hammad.
- Sumiyah Al-Sayed.
- Bashaier Al-Malki.
- Khadija Al-Mubarak. Supervised By: Dr. Nahed El-Nagger Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing
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