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Remix: endless hybridization

No description

Jenny Yi

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Remix: endless hybridization

Endless Hybridization
Hybrid your own piece of work:
Cut and paste the provided images to convey an alternative meaning (i.e. a short story, a comic strip...). You could be serious, be funny, be creative!

Time limit: 10~15 minutes
Have fun!

"Remix take cultural artifacts and combine & manipulate them into new kinds of creative blends"
In your opinion, what makes a good remix in regards to literacy? Why?
Music & music video Remix
AMV: Anime Music Video
the combination of anime clips and music: the visual sources are provided by the anime clips that are edited to match the meaning/lyrics of a song
"Machinima" Remixes
using high-end, 3D, animated graphics from video game to create movie
- for fun
- for personal expression
- assign new meanings
Remix did not simply emerged with technology, rather it is always a part of any society’s cultural development
“socially recognized ways of generating, communicating and negotiating meaningful content through the medium of encoded texts within contexts of participation in Discourses or as members of Discourses”

(Lankshear & Knobel, 2006, p. 64).

For example, in LOLcats, meaning would only be produced if human perceives both the image and text in synchronization (as in the text and image help make sense of each other)
Remix as “smart tools” to extend effectiveness
The collaboration between the user and the smart tool enable users to do complex things that could not be achieved alone or as effectively
Would you agree that video games could contribute to effective learning? If so, how?
Question time
Fun integrated learning &
Learning Principles
video games constitute social and learning systems that are conductive to learning effectively
the learning principles that game encapsulate can be leveraged for educational ends
Remix in Literacy
Culture as Remix
What they are & their crafts and skills
Types of Remixes
Activity: Photo Remix...can you master it?
Question Time
James P. Gee: projective identities in simulation games
The Sims
Sometimes, we take the originality of author’s creativity and relive (remix) it within our own lives, to extend our own ideas
In short, culture as a whole could be seen as remix.
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