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Physics Education at the FYKOS Camps

2nd World Conference on Physics Education, São Paulo, Brazil, 10. - 15. 7. 2016

Karel Kolář

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of Physics Education at the FYKOS Camps

FYKOS = The Internet Physics Competition
6 series a school year
time for solving about 6 week for each series
Problem series
1. problem assignments
2. participant's solutions
3. checked solutions
list of results
Why can FYKOS be interesting for participants?
interesting problems, themes not usually taught at school
=> self education

"succesful participant" = can be used as admission to Faculty of Matematics and Physics instead of Maths Entrance Test
invitation for camp (usually only in Czech)
some other rewards (only for CZ/SK)
More activities of FYKOS
team competitions
Lectures in Prague
FYKOSí Fyziklání
Physics Brawl Online
visits of some prestigious places where science is made
= Day with Experimental Physics
= Weak with Applied Physics
12. Feb 2016 was 10th year
Only in Czech in Prague
international web competition
! opened for anyone !
you can participate
university students can part.
30. Nov 2016 17:00 - 19:59 CET
task: solve as many problems as possible
teams of up to 5 people
primarily for high school students
2 - 3 hours for solving
once a year
2nd World Conference on Physics Education, São Paulo, Brazil, 10. - 15. 7. 2016
one day, usually once a year
in Prague and sometimes near around
experimental labs of our faculty, Academy of science...
approx a week
mostly abroad, excur. in English
last years excursions
Chocolate factory, cheese factory, BMW
Airport Munich
CERN 2012
29. 11. - 4. 12. 2012
Germany and Switzerland
Technical museum
Chocolate factory
Cheese factory

only in Czech...
preparation for Physics Olympiad and future studies
more on http://prednasky.fykos.cz
somewhere outside cities, near to the nature
lectures from organizers
projects, experiments - made by participants
program for creation of many experiences
(games, many kinds of activities, "legend")
each series:
2 "simple"
3 "normal"
2014/15 chaos
2015/16 thermodynamics
assignments translated in English (>500)
Physics Education at the FYKOS Camps
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University in Prague
Czech Republic

pterodactyl of FYKOS (mascot)
What is this presentation about?
What is FYKOS?
Who are the participants and org.?
What are FYKOS' camps?
Some examples of successful games and parts of program
Shortly about other activities of FYKOS
High school students (ISCED 2011 - 3)
from Czech mostly from gymnasia
they can be from anywhere
usually Czechs and Slovaks
problem assignments are in Czech and in English
solutions are accepted in Czech, English and Slovak
30th year is starting
Germany 2014
11. 11. - 17. 11. 2014
DESY - Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron
Deutsches Technikmuseum - Berlin
Deutsches Museum - Munich
Forschungscentrum Garching - ASDEX-U
Fyzikální náboj
The first in Czech was last year
Comes from Slovakia
Only in CZ and SK
Thank you for your attention!
presentation can be found at http://fykos.cz/prezentace
(the page is Czech, but the reference is in English)
Karel Kolář, karel@fykos.org
literally The Physics Correspondence Seminar
University students (ISCED 6, 7, 8)
most of them students of our faculty
most of them study Physics
most of them former participants
10 ~ 50 people (~ 80 for one day)
by post to CZ and SK
web pages
The activities of FYKOS are funded by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. The presentation was supported by the Charles University in Prague, project GA UK No 188515.
assembly of a solar cell
~ 12 organizers
~ 28 participants
in Czech Republic
usually only in Czech
demonstration experiments
a day for measuring,
computing results,
preparing of presentation
Participants present their measurements
In recent time - teams oppose each other
similar to shortened International Young Physicists' Tournament
Organizers are jury
Usually indoor
Team competition (3 ~ 8 participants in a team)
4 ~ 8 physics problems at the start of competition
for every correct solution -> points & new problem assignment
for bad solution -> they can solve it once more but usually they can obtain less points (f.e. 3-2-1 or 5-3-2-1)
possible use of "cheat sheet" with physics and mathematics formulas
altogether 20 ~ 50 physics problems
1 ~ 3 hours for solving
Náboj = "The Bullet"
Náboj is actually Czech abbreviation of "Noticeboard fight" - origin of this activity is in competitions "hanging on the noticeboards" at some camps
similar to "The Bullet"
Ciphers breaking game
team competition (4 ~ 7 part.)
task: break as many ciphers/codes as you can or ideally get to the last one and break it
usually outdoor and throughout the night
usually linear - you have to crack one to get to the next
generally popular in CZ - played often even more complicated by people > 18 yr.
liquid nitrogen, Novec 1230 (fire suppression agent)
http://fykos.org/problems or http://fykos.org/problems/search
Physics Education at the Camps of The Internet Physics Competition FYKOS
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