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Copy of Hamlet: Act 5

No description

Julio Areas

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Hamlet: Act 5

Act 5 Hamlet's Path
"The Garden-Serpent"
(Christianity vs. Paganism) Plot Development Vocabulary Hamlet:
As the protagonist of this play Hamlet proves to be dramatic, crazed, somewhat unstable, but still insightful, skilled, and intelligent.
Intent: Revenge his father's murder
Motive: His uncle murdered his father.
As the role that most supports Hamlet in the play Horatio proves to be intelligent, tactful, understanding, and sympathetic.
Intent: Support Hamlet
Motive: Loyalty and sympathy for Hamlet.
As one of the antagonists to Hamlet, Laertes is quite resentful and revengeful toward Hamlet. However his character is intelligent, skilled, and protective of his family.
Intent: Revenge his father and sister's death
Motive: Hamlet indirectly kills Ophelia and Polonius Character Analysis
Psychoanalytical Criticism Character Analysis
Psychoanalytical Criticism Scatter Game Act V Claudius:
As another antagonist of Hamlet Claudius poses a
selfish, revengeful, power-hungry, jealous, philanthropist.
Intent: Kill Hamlet
Motive: Power of the throne
Personally I interpreted Gertrude as pathetic and
manipulated. She seems caught up in a scheme of revenge
with Claudius. She is fully dependent and connected to her
Intent: To keep her possession of power.
Motive: Satisfaction in power. Scene 1
Whether Ophelia committed suicide is under question between the two gravediggers and they wonder whether she ought to be buried in hallowed ground. We learn that the king has overridden the objections of the clergy and provided for her burial. In which is a conflict in the book because the christian believe people who commit such a treacherous act of suicide should not deserve the respect of a proper burial. While the gravediggers debate whether she deserves such burial rights, Hamlet and Horatio are nearby hidden from their view wondering who's grave is being prepared Scene 1 (cont.)
Laertes argues with the priest about the the burial rites. In the course of his arguing with the priest, Laertes reveals that the dead body is Ophelia's. In an act of spontaneity he jumps into her grave, clutches her body and begins to profess his (possibly incestuous) love for her. Hamlet reveals himself and declares his profound love for Ophelia to be beyond that of which Laertes can comprehend. Scene 2
Hamlet explains Horatio that he has swapped a letter for the King of England that was requesting the immediate murder of him upon arrival with one that requests the deaths of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Scene 2 (cont.)
Hamlet is then confronted with a challenge proposed by the King to fight Laertes (which he readily accepts despite Horatio's disapproval) .
Upon confrontation Hamlet apologizes for the killing of Polonius, which Laertes accepts though does not forgive .
The plan to poison Hamlet's drinking cup is carried out, though backfires when Gertrude insists on having some of his drink Scene 2 (cont..)
Laetres scratches Hamlet with the poisoned blade. Hamlet retaliates (ignorant of the poisoned blade) by seizing Laertes' blade and striking him too. Gertrude collapses cries out that she has been poisoned.
Laertes confesses to Hamlet of his plans with Claudius. Hamlet, in rage, runs the poisoned blade through Claudius and forces him to drink the poisoned drink, instantly killing him . Scene 2 (cont...)
A dying Hamlet tells Horatio to make Fortinbras the King of Denmark and tell the story of what just occurred from the quarrel and everyone's death. ( Damon and Pythias: symbol of friendship Roman/Greek Myth)

Fortinbras returns to the death scene after winning a battle against Poland and learns he is King and requests that Hamlet shall receive a soldiers funeral. Obesquies Funeral rites, or ceremonies Knave a dishonest or unscrupulous man Quiddities the inherent nature or essence of someone or something Quillets trivial objections Splenetive bad tempered; spiteful Churlish rude in a mean spirited and surly way Garland a wreath of flowers and laves, worn on the head or hung as a decoration Foils a light fencing sword without cutting edges but with a button on its point Benetted to get caught in Beseech to beg, plead, implore Verity the quality of being true; lasting truth or principle http://quizlet.com/17793989/scatter/ Psychoanalytical criticism: Used when identifying the unconscious intent and motives of characters in literature. The Garden vs. The Serpent The Garden Paganism Revenge Scene 2 "The Fight" The Serpent Christianity Forgiveness
The priest performs the obsequies while the choir sings
When the thief grabbed my wallet and ran, I yelled after him "You knave!" as I shook my fist in the air. For all of her quiddities, she is a very wise and generous lady It would be churlish for any dinner guest to express anything but gratitude for his host's generous hospitality The mother had little patience for her sons constant quillets in an attempt to get out of doing the dishes Many found his actions in regards to the breakup rather splenetive They place the garland around the neck of a statue of the god and then pray to him before starting their dance He drew his foil and prepared to fence I suddenly found myself benetted in the web of lies that I'd been so careful to formulate I beseech you, give me a hamburger before I starve The crowd roared after the president gave a speech on the verity of the people's wellfare. Table Of Contents
Plot Development (Julio)
Character Analysis (Mona :P)
Vocab (Jassmine)
Theme (Seikou) End of Presentation
Stand by for Vocab Review :)
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