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Gifted Hands

No description

Ismael Carreno

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Gifted Hands

Identify Characters and Explanation of transformation
Ben Carson- He prays and finds faith in god to get him through life because he thought God wasn't helping him.
Sonya Carson ( Mother)- Helps Ben strive through his education and become successful though she stopped her education in the 3rd grade.
Curtis Carson ( Brother)- Been exposed to Ben's struggled life and feels the need to help him.
Who is this author?
The author of Gifted Hands is Ben Carson.Ben Carson was born September 18, 1951. He struggled mostly middle through high school with education. This man is now a columnist ( writer) and a retired, gifted neurosurgeon.He has the accomplishment of being the first neurosurgeon to successfully operate on conjoined twins. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush in 2008 which recognizes high-working citizens of the U.S. .
Why did he write the book?
Ben Carson wrote this book to describe and express his struggles with his low grades and racism by fellow classmates. He had the same struggle as his own African-American race. Gifted Hands means that he had the potential to become someone, became someone and now he is a famous,gifted neurosurgeon.
Who is the author?
Valerie Zenatti was born on April 1st, 1970. As she grew to the age of thirteen, she moved with her parents to Israel. As she grew she began to take her noted and pen everywhere she goes. She now lives in Paris as a Hebrew Translator. She also is an author who has only wrote 2 books which one is A bottle in the Gaza Sea.
Theme of Both books
Gifted Hands- The theme of Gifted Hands is to keep trying and persevere through hard times because one day all of your work will pay off. This theme fits with Gifted Hands because Ben Carson was stuggling through elementary school with getting his homework done and did not consider himself very smart until he realized that he could do better. He then realized what he wanted to become, set out his dream for it and achieved his dreams.
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea- The theme a bottle in the Gaza Sea is to be kind to everyone you meet and don't make assumptions or stereotype someone about something that they might not be because an Israelite girl named Tal who experiences terrorism at first hand in a local cafe communicates from an Arab who the Israelites are at war against.

Background information/Inspiration
Gifted Hands/ A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
Project by Jeremiah Crosby

Valerie Zenatti wrote this book and it basically discusses that a young Israelite girl insert a bottle in the Gaza Sea and ended up transferring messages with a Palestinian girl. They kept exchanging messages discussing their own beliefs. She was inspired to write this book because of her child hood experience as a young girl in Israel.
Book Review
I would give this book a 5/5 star rating because it discusses key topics/themes that other books don't necessarily provide for readers. It is also a good teen life connecting book.
Book Review
I would also rate this book 5/5 because it discusses that we are all equal no matter what race and that is a powerful message that the world needs to know about.
Bottle in the Gaza Sea Character transformations
Tal- She finds out that her country isn't the only one that dosen't want the war to impact her country or other countries
Naizm- He turns his anger and bitterness around when he understand that his country isn't the only one suffering.
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