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No description

Katie Fesperman

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Nucleus

Nucleus: Coaching Staff
The coaching staff of a basketball team has all the plays like the nucleus has information/DNA

Nucleolus: Head Coach
The head coach makes great players and plays that take their team to the win!
Mitochondria: Gatorade
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell like how gatorade fuels the team
Cell Membrane: Jerseys
Like the cell membrane which covers
the cell, jerseys serve the same purpose
and cover the players

Ribosomes: Good Players
Vacuole: Water Boy
Carolina Tar Heels
Good players make the win just like ribosomes make proteins
Vacuoles store water and waste which is similar to the water boy who stores the water bottles of the team.
By: Natasha Dalmia, Katie Fesperman, Emily Perou, and Amanda Padden
Protein: The Win
the ER delivers proteins
like the ball delivers the win!

The final product of the team is the win. All the work of the team leads up to gaining the win
ER: the ball

Golgi Apparatus: Point Guard
Head Coach
Coaching Staff
Lysosomes digest food like how
players need to digest carbs before
the game!
Good Players
The Basketball
Point Guard
The point guard takes the team and delivers them to the win, like how the golgi apparatus is the shipping department for the cell's chemical products.
Product we produce: The win
The Win
Water Boy
Digestive System
Interview Questions: Gatorade
Can you help the team and hold their water? They'll need it later ya know!
1. What better qualities does Gatorade have compared to Powerade?

2. Is Gatorade more beneficial to the players than water because of their electrolytes?

3. How can Gatorade transform a dehydrated player into an active player?
Can you be ready at a moments notice to respond to a player?!
Golgi Apparatus
Cell Membrane
Can you give the players sweat rags when they come off the court?
Rough ER
Interview Questions: Good Players
1. How often do you practice to help you become one of the best players?

2. Are you able to cooperate with other people well?

3. What abilities do you have that make you better than other players?
Interview Questions: Coaching Staff
Can you help the team by making plays that have set rules that they can follow so they can win?
Interview Questions:
Can you cooperate with team and help people
Digestive System: Lysosomes
Can you get everyone to work together as a cohesive unit?
Interview Questions: Head Coach
1. Will you be able to control the team and provide them with instructions?

2. Will you be able to keep the team engaged and help them continue to learn?

3.How will you motivate the team and make the practice things they may nt want to?
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