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Global Health Promotion Presentation

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada: Global Advocacy

Jen Hayes

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Health Promotion Presentation

Who? Overview of
Completed Projects Advocacy for Brain Tumour Patients in Canada Julia Dvirnik, Cara Grobbecker, Jennifer Hayes, Ryan Kleefman, Emily Koopman & Corey Savage Objectives Increase awareness of current programs
Explore benefits of pursuing global advocacy efforts
Recommendations Population of Interest Canadians affected by a brain tumour
National & international partnerships Global Advocacy
Project What has Been
Done in the Past? What Did We Do? How Does this Relate to
Global Health Promotion? Our
Successes Conclusion Are there international advocacy opportunities that will help patients in Canada? What were our goals?
How did we achieve them? Different perspectives
Great team environment
Time management
Reached our goal Our Challenges Scheduling
Disadvantages of a large group
Extensive topic Recommendations Advocating & Raising Awareness Events
International partnerships Educational Opportunities & Empowerment Sharing of knowledge & support
Resources & education Working Across International Borders International partnerships
Cultural knowledge
Evaluation of programs Volunteers & Funding Recruiting & empowering volunteers
Funding opportunities Would further engagement in global advocacy efforts impact the brain tumour community in Canada? Questions? Support services
Information and education
Research Innovative programs happening in other countries
Forming meaningful partnerships
“Rhetoric versus reality”
Working with communities and empowerment
Morbidity around the world
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