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Maria Joao

on 11 June 2013

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NooA has achieved it’s goal of offering the first 10 online courses at the beginning of 2013.
More courses are being developed while existing courses are being translated into different languages.
Alongside with course development, NooA has successfully applied for the membership in several important networks and associations such as EDEN, NADE and FLUID.

Individual start and progression
180 days access to the course
Moodle as learning management system
Payment and invoicing via PayPal
Students get free access to the Student License
NooA does not provide exams, but may prepare for public exams
Teachers develop courses without payment in the free course Certificate in Online Teaching
Courses will be revised every second year NooA Aims

NooA’s aim is to become an international Learning Mall for Online Courses in order to provide quality online education that creates sustainable value, public awareness and footprints many educators will follow.

This means that it works to develop a multilingual learning community which:

is an attractive partner for individuals, institutions and companies that develop, translate and sell online courses
provides students with much flexibility and learning value for their money
is acknowledged and accredited in several countries
recruits students from many countries
provides courses at least in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
is among the largest Nordic providers of online courses Advisory & Quality Board

The International Advisory Board consists of members that have special qualifications to pursue NooA’s mission and give strategic advice.
The Quality Board is set up to support Campus NooA in assuring, maintaining and developing the quality of NooA’s total operations, including information of courses and programs, administration of courses and programs and student services, course contents, teaching and learning methodology, evaluation of students, and teacher qualifications. http://campus.nooa.info
www.nooa.info NooA's Values Theory of
Cooperative Freedom and Transparency Nordic online Academy Keystones
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