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Thesis 2010 Presentation - Ben Preston

An exploration of the use of markets in human organs to ethically increase supply.

Ben Preston

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Thesis 2010 Presentation - Ben Preston

Double click anywhere & add an idea Economics But not More like...
Markets in Human Organs? Every year, over 6,000 people die while
on the waiting list for an organ transplant Why? No accounting for incentives... Facing death is hard! Bad medical care?

Organ Harvesting? Most other solutions tried...don't really work So, lets do what we are good at! Its worked here... Wait just XXXXX minute! A different answer A non-market answer Is it really Better?

Not just Economically... but Maybe...

Or Maybe not The Solution works through a very calculated managment of a family's consent. The creator of the idea even thinks it may my like "Cooling out the mark" The Point:

It may interfere with informed consent, a foundational conecpt of modern bio-ethics. Informed Consent:

Acts must be...

-Lack of control Does it interfere?

Well...not really

Does this mean markets are out,

and Organizational restructruing is in? We already have regulation! An organ Markets would have utility...

But a regulated organ market will be ethical too* *That is, as long as you agree
current standards and regulations
are successful in promoting
general ethical conduct. But, they don't have to
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