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Winston Churchill Presentation

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Luke Jeffery

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Winston Churchill Presentation

Winston Churchill Churchill grew up in an upper class family in Great Britain. His father was a politician and his mother was an American Indian. He was neglected as a child, but still respected his father. He always had a keen interest in the military. He attended military school and then became interested in politics. As he delved into politics, he became well-known for his military knowledge. He played a large part in WWI and became a source of military wisdom. As the 1930's continued, he warned the British government about Hitler's rise to power. No one listened until it was too late. As the 1930's came to a close, people realized that Churchill was needed as the national leader. He became a voice of hope and strength for the nation and propelled them through WWII. Churchill was also a relational leader. This was clearly shown in his speeches, he possessed a certain self-confidence that allowed him to understand how to speak to the public. His speeches pleaded to their inner morals concerning the war in Europe. He was able to maintain an empowering view of the war, despite the tragedy that was going on all around him. He used the issue of justice to show many people how terrible the actions of the enemy were. Churchill's desire to become a politician was instilled in him at a very young age because of his father. However, this passion was not realized until later, when Churchill began to get into the ranks of the military, which affected his leadership style greatly. It seems that Winston was both selected and selected himself through this process of leadership In the Wren book, the question is begged, how do leaders lead? Churchill was a man of charisma but also of stability. His background in military affairs enabled him to lead with a seriousness and gained him the respect of many individuals. He was a very frank man, which allowed him to get points across to people in a rather simple but direct way. For Churchill, the process of becoming a leader was both transformational and transactional. Background How are leaders recruited and selected? Relational
Leadership conclusion Churchill was an average young man who put a great nation on his shoulders in order to bring justice to the world. He was certainly a man to look to and no doubt, an active leader of men. How do leaders lead?
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