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Golden Eagle

No description

Enrique Garcia

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle
Aquila Chrysaetos
Family-accipitridae Vigors
Genus-Aquila Brisson
Species-Aquila Chrysaetos
physiological adaptation
Golden feathers around head or nape of the neck. average wingspan of golden eagle is 6 to 7 1/2 feet.
Mountainous but can adapt to lowlands if its suitable.
Morphological Adaptations
Sharp beak and claws for hunting prey
Couldn't find any behavioral adaptations
warm and cold conditions
Smaller birds, rabbits, mice, snakes, fish,insects
symbiotic relationships
Mutualism-Farmer/Golden Eagle- Eagle eats pest in farmers crop
Parasitism-Tape Worm/Golden Eagle-Tape worm harms eagle
Commensalism-Smaller birds/Golden Eagle-Smaller birds use the eagles nest for shelter after it abandons it
Golden Eagles live in tundras,shrub lands, mountainous areas and coniferous forest. They have sharp claws and beaks to attack there prey. Some Golden Eagles migrate south and some stay.
Fun Facts
Fun fact is that in greek mythology the AETOS DIOS was a giant golden eagle which was zues' personal messenger and animal companion.
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