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Drinking Age in the US

Is it better to have the drinking age at 21 like in the United States or at 16 like in Germany ?

nora imdahl

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Drinking Age in the US

In July 1984 the drinking age in
the US went up to 21 Almost every study said that increasing the drinking age saved lives of drivers between 18 to 20. But did it really help to prevent
teenagers from drinking alcohol? The goal of the law in 1984 was to limit drunk drving and that goal has clearly been reach. But the law didnt reduce or eliminate drinking in general. It just put it under the ground, which is the most dangerous and least manageable setting.
Now,60 % of the lives lost are off the road, but 5,000 people under 21 still die every year. Should the drinking age be lowered again to 18 ? Or should it stay at the age of 21? - Boy in college drank too much.
Was passed out and woulndt wake up
friends didnt want to call for help,
because they didnt want to get caught.
Boy died because of alcohol poisoning -The drinking age was lowered in the seventies and it was a disaster. Death rates jumped from 10% to 40%. -It causes exessive drinking, because the people under age want to use those occasions,when they acctually get alcohol. - In most european countries, the drinking age is 18. Teenagers learn how to handle alcohol and parents can overlook parties, etc.
It shows that teenagers in europe dont abuse the substance in the proportions american teenagers do. -If the drinking age was 18, then 18 year olds would be able to get alcohol for even younger people. -Drinking age in Germany is 16, so some kids start drinking when they are 13 years old.
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