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Home of the Brave

No description

Darien Voecks

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Home of the Brave

By Katherine Applegate Home of the Brave Genre This book is realistic fiction
This may happen Setting The setting is in America the state is Minnesota Caracters Kek main character- protagonist
His Mother
Cousin Ganwar
His aunt
His best friend Hannah
His teacher Mr. Franklin
Class mates
Lou his boss
The antagonist is the men who forced him to move
to America Conflict Some men attack his village so Kek is moved to a reservation. Then the men attack there so he is sent to america. When his mom is missing. And when he starts to like it their his boss has to sell her farm. Resolution Kek Finds a way to save his bosses cow and see's his mom since arriving in america. Theme No matter the situation you can always make it out
alive as long as you have friends. It's winter The year is 2007
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