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Briana Eaton

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Blizzards

Briana Eaton
Briana Eaton
November 14, 2014
Class Period: 5th
Thank you!
My event that I choose is blizzards. A blizzard involves snow and wind.
What is needed for a blizzard to start?
A blizzard can start when you have cold air (below freezing). You also need moisture to form clouds along with warm rising air for it to precipitate. The cold air turns the precipitation into snow. Then, heavy winds (56 km/h or 35mi per hr. or more)with a lot of snow turns it into a blizzard.
How long does a blizzard last?
A snow storm must last at least 3 hour to be consider a blizzard. Therefore, a blizzard can last 3 or more hours. Most blizzards though, last several hours.
What does a blizzard do to Earth's surface?
During a blizzard it snows a lot. When the snow starts to melt, where does all the water go? Well, usually it floods because of all the extra water. The floods cause extreme erosion to the earth's surface. Another way is due to the cold tempetures.Water gets into cracks of rocks and freeze causing the rock to break up. This is an example of weathering.


Also blizzards can cause deposition. Blizzards do this by the wind in the storm. The wind picks up sediments and carries them somewhere else. Also the pile up of snow can cause avalanches, which causes major erosion.
How does this effect people?
The erosion,weathering, and deposition caused by blizzards can effect people in many ways. The erosion from the floods can ruin peoples homes. As well as the wind in the deposition can weather houses and the erosion through avalanches can destroy houses and can kill people.
Where has a blizzard happened most recently?
The most recent blizzard happened this year in Nepal's Himalaya Mountains. This blizzard also caused an avalanche which killed approximately 23 people that is known. This happened on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

What good can come out of a Blizzard?
Yes, a blizzard is typically known as a bad event, but some good can come. The snow fall from a blizzard can provide shelter for animals, along with renewing the ground for springtime.
Interesting Facts
During a blizzard you can only see to 1/4 of a mile in front of you
A blizzard has winds up to at least 35mph
A blizzard has temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit
A blizzard can bury buildings from all the snow that is involved
In America, most blizzards happen in the East Coast
Farmers will plant wheat in fall because the snow protects it.
If you are ever stuck in the snow, build snow around you to keep you warm. The snow acts like insulation.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation!
Just wanted to add a pretty picture!
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