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Angela Hernandez

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Here you will learn about the possible reasons for Femicide in Ciudad Juarez and Guatemala, the specific targeted group of women, and what the authorities have to say about this human rights issue. Reason 1 for Femicide Reason 2: Machismo Raising Awareness: Part 2 Feeding ground does a good job of depicting the struggles that these immigrants have to go through while crossing the border and their motivation for doing so. In the beginning of the comic, we see that Bea is being harassed by the candy man, the man who gives candy out to the children, and we can relate this back to machismo because as soon as Bea slaps him for disrespecting her, he shows his gun and says that the only reason he isn't going to kill her is because the children are present. Here, we see machismo and what machismo causes men to do. It makes them feel power toward women, that they are even willing to kill a woman for embarrassing him and this is what is happening in the Latin American countries were femicide is a big issue. He also touches on the issue of immigration. These people want to escape their homeland and move to the U.S. because they are seeking a better life and hoping to get away from violence. There are many possible reasons for why femicide exists in Latin American countries and Rosa Linda Fregoso believes that Femicide exists in Ciudad Juarez, due to denationalization and the governments who emphasize on protection of private property, but not on public welfare and safety of citizens Machismo in English is defined as 'Strong or aggressive masculine pride (malinesss) and authors such as Risa Grais and Samantha Serrano believe that machismo is a major contribution to Femicide in Latin American countries Science Fiction relating to Femicide: Feeding Ground Women Gone This video is by Lourdes Portillo, a Mexican American screen writer and filmmaker who focuses on Latin American countries. This clip is a clip from her film "Senorita Extraviada" (lost lady) that talks about the killing of these innocent young women in Ciudad Juarez In a patriarchal society, it is psychologically okay for a man too invade a woman's body through rape, other forms of violence, or murder
for men in Ciudad Juarez and Guatemala, machismo is a cultural norm (machismo is a good thing because it an "honorable man" and a "good provider for one's family" Authority Involvement out of 1,500 women that were murdered in Guatemala in the years 2003-2007, 14 cases ended in a prison sentence (this gives men the murderers of these women power to continue their murder because they know that their is no punishment as a result) My opinion on the issue As a Guatemalan young woman like these young women being killed, I feel extreme anger every time I hear the word Femicide because it is hard to hear of such horrible murders being committed in one's own country. It is such a disappointment, but not a reason to hate my Guatemala. This human rights issue has motivated me to raise awareness, and presenting this topic and informing you all as a class, is my first step towards raising awareness. With a degree, in the future I hope to travel to Guatemala and help make justice and fight for women's rights and for a better government system. . Feeding Ground is a supernatural werewolf thriller horror comic, set in the U.S. -Mexico border. Feeding Ground is about a man named Diego Busqueda, his wife Bea, teenage son Miguel, and pre-teen daughter Flaca. After a famine caused by Blacwell Industries, Diego is driven to become a coyote(a person who crosses people across the border, to the U.S.) leading Mexican border crosser through the "Devil's Highway". In this dessert there are human who transformed into werwolves due to the famine and Diego later finds out that Flaca has been bitten and turned into a werewolf as his family is crossing the mexican border into the U.S Bibliography Serrano, Samantha. "Femicide in Guatemala and Ciudad Juárez: The Underlying Causes That Have Spurred an International Phenomenon." MIA. N.p., 2009. Web. 14 May 2013.
Targow, Risa Grais. "Femicide in Guatemala." Www.marxsite.com. N.p., n.d. Web. Reason 1: Necropolitics In the case of Mexico, women are the primary objective because they are the ones fighting for their rights and even the mothers of the murdered women continue to do everything in their power to make justice and to destroy the corrupt government Necropolitics: refers to when killing the enemy is the government's primary and only objective during a time war and fight against terror In her article "We Want them Alive! The Politics And Culture of Human Rights" Fregoso defines necropolitics as being one of the causes of femicide Fregoso explains that necropolitics is a result of denationalization that has abolished the rights of women Fregoso argues that Mexico as well as many Latin American countries are so interested in foreign countries investing in theirs, that they grant foreign firms, foreign business people, and international markets, rights, but they take rights away from women whom the state deems as disposable" and 'undersirable'. Grais claims that "the murder of Guatemalan women is tied to racism, paternalism, and a corruption that has taken root in Guatemalan culture" (30) Risa Grais mention the term paternalism as being one of the contributing factors of femicide, and once again brings back the idea of machismo because paternalism refers to a policy or practice of treating or governing in a fatherly manner. Quick Facts Women Abused brown skin
young: between ages 15 and 26
work in Maquiladoras, notorious for only hiring women
poor women Samantha Serrano Machismo has been established since the time of the Spanish conquest. When the Spanish settled in Central and South America, they brought every aspect of their culture with them, including how they treated women"(Serrrano 7). Spain has historically been a patriarchal society in which men control women. In societies like these, women are seen as bearers of children and housewives and nothing more. Men are the ones who have all the power and control over the women. This comes to show that unfortunately, even today in these Latin American countries, machismo is as important to men as it was years ago, to show who's in charge the authorities blame women for going out and drinking late at night after long hours of work and say that women invite rape upon themselves for being provocative authorities are quick to blame prostitution and gang violence for these murders Raising Awareness: Bordertown starring Jennifer Lopez is a movie based on Femicide in Ciudad Juarez. Jennifer Lopez plays the role of an American reporter sent in by her American newspaper to investigate the murders. Science Fiction Relating to Femicide
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