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Tuesday November 11, 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Tuesday November 11, 2014

Article of the Week
Take note: This week's article is a "list" format. We still need to annotate for potential answers, though! Let's pre-read the questions and annotate with purpose!
Tuesday November 11, 2014
Lesson 8 concerns the prefixes for "out" or "outside...
Let's read the words and definitions and sentences for today. Then, we'll work on the practice activities on the back.
100 Book Challenge
Any logs to hand in? Here's a new one for this week!
Writing Portfolio!
Assembling our portfolios will be a lesson in following directions. Let's take a look at my website for a list of steps. We'll look through the steps together, and then start the process.
Original Stories
Here's how to proceed:
1. Finish writing a draft of your story.
2. Check it against the rubric-- where does it need to be changed/improved?
3. Read the story aloud and TIME it-- this will tell you how long you need to make your Animoto video.
4. Go through your story and use post-its to brainstorm ideas of what appropriate images you might want to include at each part of the story.
5. Go into Animoto and choose a format.
6. Begin to search for and add in images.
7. Finalize the images/video and choose background music.
8. Record the voice over WHILE WATCHING THE VIDEO so that the parts of the story correspond with the images(when you're ready for this step- let me know. I will need to send you down to Ms. Pruden's lab to use the recording device/software.
Do Now 11.11.14
Let's try to build a comprehensive definition of admiration and then compare it with envy.

"Admiration, n. Our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves."
-Ambrose Bierce

Mock Trial:

Please sit in your new assigned seat.
You have a new 100 Book Challenge Log. You will now have fifteen minutes to read silently. If it is not silent, this can become a graded activity and those who are not silent will lose points. Don't worry- we will be finishing up with the mock trial as well as doing writing portfolios and all the other things we would normally do on a Monday-- including a regular "do now." But, for now, life is simple. All you must do is escape in a book.
1. My apologies...
2. You all have done a wonderful job so far. You're marvelously smart and competitive and will be able to do anything you wish in this world.
3. Here's how we'll proceed: The jury, the prosecution and the defense will each have ten minutes to regroup. In the ten minutes, the jury needs to agree on FIVE questions they wish to ask each side. The defense and the prosecution each need to prepare a 2-minute closing statement and decide who will deliver it. The jury will ask their questions and hear the closing statements, then the jury will deliberate, consult with Judge Ehid, and arrive at a decision.
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