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Sea Otters

No description

Mathom Johnson

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Sea Otters

Sea Otters
Sea Otters are marine mammals. Adults will typically weigh beetween 14 and 45kg.
More info
How do otters stay warm?
Sea otters don't have blubber, but they do have the densest fur in the animal kingdom. Ranging from 250,000 hairs per square inch!
Sea otters!
Sea otters are the second smallest marine mammals, they may be small but... They are the heaviest members of the weasel family!
Did you know a male otter, usually, will live up to 10-15. But Female usually live 15-20 years!
Sea otters are one of the few
animals in the world who use
tools, like rocks, and sticks!
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