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ASL History

No description

Riley Godin

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of ASL History

ASL History By Riley, Zander, Georgina, Calvin, and Jonathon. Period 2. The founder of the first Deaf school was a man by the name of Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.
He was a minister from Harvard, Connecticut.
Dr. Gallaudet had a neighbor whose daughter was deaf, her name was Alice Cogswell. He knew she was very bright and he wanted to be able to communicate with her.
He had little success trying to teach Alice how to read and spell.
Dr. Gallaudet gained fellow support from the town and traveled to Europe in search of knowledge on how to help Alice.
While in Europe he met a few of the successors at the National Institute for Deaf-mutes.
He took private courses from Laurent Clerc and learned a lot about sign language .
Dr. Gallaudet brought all of his the knowledge he gained back to the U.S along with Clerc and started the first free deaf school, in Harvard, Connecticut in 1817. Who founded the first Deaf school in the U.S? Why is ASL structure the way it is today? The spread of ASL after the first school ASL was gathered from many different cultures throughout history.
Most of the signs spread to the U.S. by Clerc and Thomas were from Europe.
Most of the language is from European culture.
Europe's ways were a great influence on the spread of the language across the United States.
This was mostly due to Laurent Clerc. The Roots Activity Three teams
One person from each group stands in front of team.
The team members have to try and tell the person in front the answer to the question ONLY using signs no finger spelling.
The team to get the most points wins a prize. Questions...... 1. The first deaf school in the U.S was located in ( ), Connecticut.
2. The name of Thomas' neighbor's daughter was ( ) Cogswell.
3. The first deaf school in the U.S was started in ( ).
4.ASL's main origin is ( ).
5.The structure is the way it is because of the ( ) between the words.
6. Thomas brought back ( ) from Europe to help with his school. Work cited http://www.start-american-sign-language.com/history-of-american-sign-language.html
http://fookembug.wordpress.com/2008/05/16/deaf-quotes-and-quotations/ The structure of ASL is the way it is because ASL is conceptually based.
The word order is based on the relationship between the words.
It uses this technique rather than using the grammatical rules of English.
In this way, the language is very complex.
It is hard to pinpoint the origin of structure for sure. Word of the school quickly spread and students from all over the United States came to attend.
The students brought many signs from there homes to share.
By 1863, there were twenty-two deaf schools in the United States, most of which were started by Deaf students of Clerc and Thomas. What separates ASL from sign language? Over the years ASL has developed into a language full of complex and grammatical differences from other languages.
Sign language is a language that follows the same rules as English.
ASL has its own rules and guidelines that it uses to convey its message when one is using it. “Signs are to eyes what words are to ears. “
- Ken Glickman ASL before it came to the U.S Before ASL came to the United States it was taught in Europe.
It was taught at The National Institute for Deaf-Mutes, by Abbe Sicard .
Abbe Sicard was teacher of both Jean Massieu and Laurent Clerc.
They both later became acomplished deaf educators.
Laurent later came with Thomas to teach in the U.S.
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