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Culture Industry

No description

Chalida Hiruntrakul

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Culture Industry

Culture Industry by Alejandra,Tianshu,Chalida
3 May 2011 Who are you? Writers Take your Time! Keys Samples Writers Max Horkheimer Theodor Adorno - Innovative exploration Literature
Mass culture Walter Benjamin "The Work of Art in the Age of mechanical reproduction

Media culture could collect more critical individuals to their culture

Subjectivities better able to understand the flux of experience in industrialized and urbanized societies.

Losing AURA/Magical force

Technology could create a new kind of ideological magic. Marxist intellectuals
Germany >> USA The Dialectic of Enlightment The Culture Industry : Enlightenment as Mass Deception The cultural production was dominated by mass media and was controlled by the capitalism. Keys 1. Culture Industry The Concept of Culture Industry:
Culture is created by the Capitalist industrial production
The mass as the object of ideologies Movies and radio need no longer pretend to be art. The truth that they are just business is made into an ideology in order to justify the rubbish they deliberately produce. They call themselves industries. (P. 121) 2.Technology & Culture Standardization


Repetition and sameness 3.Mass Consumption ...“ Marked differentiations such as those of A and B films, or of stories in magazines in different prize ranges, depend not so much on subject matter as on classifying, organizing and labelling consumers. Something is provided for all so that no one may escape (...) Everybody must behave (as if spontaneously) in accordance with his previously determined and indexed level, and choose the category of mass product turned out for his type”…

(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1979 (1947):123)
4. Real Life VS Fantasy …” The whole world is made to pass through the filter of the culture industry (…) Real life is becoming indistinguishable from the movies”…

(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1979 (1947):127)

…” the deceived masses are today captivated by the myth of success even more than the successful are. Immovably, they insist on the very ideology which enslaves them”…

(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1979 (1947):134)
Talent Show Capturing the emotion Programs in China - Dating Game Show - Soap Operas Our Favorites! 2004 -2006 Rebelde (Rebel) 2009 - 2010 Atrevete a sonar - Dare to Dream - Thai's Film Monarchy Religion Politic “Love”
“Spiritual stuff”
“Humor” “When many people participate, here comes the reproduction” “Business as their ideology” $$$ “The rate at which they are reduced to stupidity must not fall behind the rate at which their intelligence is increasing” Thank You :) A.
Lady Gaga

kind of an
Ozzy Osbourne
rockstar C. D.
More like a John Lennon kind of thing E. The new version of Britney Spears F. Sorry, but you will NEVER be a rockstar XXX ? 1.
How does your culture at this point of time confirms or contradicts Adorno and Horkeimers´ thoughts?

Is it possible to escape from the culture industry? if so, how?

How has the Internet and social media platforms changed this "mass deception"? Question Time!
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