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The leading style of Donald Trump

Laura Retzer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Trump

Beginnings Career Path Building the company Leading the Company Planning for the future "Ever notice how your senses are heightened when you are in challenging situations? You're experiencing an adrenaline rush that gives you extra energy. If you see every day as a challenge, you’d be surprised how efficient you can become, and how much can be accomplished" - Donald Trump Born June 14, 1946 Parents: Frank & Mary
Number 4 of 5 children Wharton School of business
Graduate 1968 Worked for his Father
at the family company
immediately after college Larger building projects:
Commodore Hotel
Casinos Near Financial Ruin
Divorce Rebuilding the Trump Empire
New projects
New ventures - Television
Better Economy Management Style Loved by "inner circle" of employees
but feared and disliked by most
Donald Trump lists his top ten tips for success (Trump, top ten)
1. Be focused. Put everything you’ve got into what you do every day.
2. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.
3. Be tenacious.
4. Trust your instincts.
5. Maintain your momentum and keep everyone moving forward.
6. See yourself as victorious and leading a winning team.
7. Be passionate about what you do.
8. Live on the edge. Do not become complacent.
9. Leadership is not a group effort. If you’re in charge, then be in charge.
10. Never give up
Success Planning Lead by Example
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