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06.05 Module Six Project

No description

Jade Mathews

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of 06.05 Module Six Project

06.05 Module Six Project
What is the issue?
The issue that I choose is water pollution. I think it is an important issue because it is a main natural resource that humans need. If our water got polluted the pollution would spread to the rest of our bodies of water and possibly pollute our fresh water supply. Then our drinkable water supply would be very scares.
Economic cost
- If regional aquatic ecosystem is damaged, commercial fishing and aquaculture are going to be less profitable. Accidental spills by tankers are always expensive events to clean up.
Social cost-
The problem takes a very different way in developing countries where limited water treatment is available and where the population relies more on outdoor water sources. This usually happens in developed countries.
Environmental cost-
Extensive damage to the aquatic ecosystems.
Issue connected to poverty
As I was researching my topic I found something that was interesting. An article I was reading on the internet said that "Poor people tend to be less educated because they do not have the time and resources to obtain an education.." and they are also less politically powerful. Many people in Louisiana's Cancer Alley were never aware of the dangers of hazardous waste as industries started moving in. Many of them after years of discrimination, are distrustful of politicians and public officials. Their land is cheap, and Louisiana provides the big industries with tax breaks. Which appealed to companies looking at the bottom line. Since industries started moving in and factories started to dump waste into the water, leaving them with less water resource and because they didnt understand what they were doing to their water they were drinking it cause them to get diseases like: Cancer, liver and kidney toxicity, and respiratory illnesses .
Helpful actions viewers can take
Helpful actions that viewers can take is first they can start by being aware of what they are doing to our water. They can also start to recycle in their homes, in school, at work etc. By doing this they are not only helping the environment, but they are helping themselves and others. By recycling especially on beaches and lakes there would be healthier water. If you see anyone throw trash on the ground and especially by bodies of water inform them on what happen when they do that so more people know what they are doing to the environment. Spread the world and help keep our waters and environment healthy!
1. Choosing to not litter is a big factor to pollution. You could also take it one step further and recycle your trash. Also being aware of the out come of littering and choosing to put your trash in a trash can instead of throwing it on the ground is a sollution.

2. Based on my research and the articles I have read on the internet I have found that littering is a main cause for pollution more than pesticides. Many people aren't aware of the effects that littering has, so I believe that the more aware people are the more they will be concious of littering and try to stop.
06.01 research notes
1. We rely one clean water to survive, therefore, we need to protect our water from pollution, Water pollution has a negative impact because it contaminates the water making it unhealthy for consumption. Ingestion of the chemicals in the polluted water could lead to disease. Nonetheless, water pollution also creates more jobs which has a positive effect on our economy,

2, Members of my community believe that pollution is bad for our health, however, as long as it is controlled. It is beneficial to increasing the amount of jobs available.
The issue if water pollution affects the government, household, business firms. and the rest of the world differently, however, they all work together in unison. Local residents benefit by receiving purified water and more jobs as well as income. if we do not use use irrigation systems then the health of local citizens at risk. Business firms establish businesses to get rid of water pollution through purchasing equipment in exchange for purified water. With the clean water the business makes revenue from the product market sales. The government is responsible for containing the problem of water pollution.

Chart analysis
Water pollution increases the government taxes to the people in order for them to have enough money to start local irrigation organizations that reduce the contamination of H2O in the area. Pollution of the water in our country impacts the rest of the world by reducing exportation of water and products grown in water to other countries. If our water is hazardous then other countries will not want any products exported from us. Because of the pollution, the government must use the countries finances to clean the water, this creates a dispute over cleaning up pollution or reducing taxes, Overall as long as we keep water pollution under control, then our economy and environment are safe due to the increase in jobs.
The government buys merchandise that is needed to filter and run irrigations system
The government ensures that the community with pure water that will not cause illnesses
People start water cleaning organizations or donate to current organizations by buying stocks or loans
Citizens buy bottled water from the product market
People pay taxes to the government in order to preserve the regulation of pure water
Business Firms
Business firms spend their money on production and machinery in order to get clean water in return
The production market benefits from goods and services produced by the business firms because it allows smaller companies to sell products already and approved like water bottles
Rest of the World
Items and equipment manufactured to assemble or hold the purified water may come from other countries around the world Other counties can get a loan through our financial market to start organizations and businesses that provide purified water. This has a positive impact on other countries economic situations by producing more goods and services that create clean water

Polluted waters
Internet resources
06.03 How do externalities affect you?
We can stop using pesticides or large amounts of it. Pesticides can make their way into our water sources like rivers, oceans, or ponds. The pesticides could cause hard or even death to the aquatic animals or the animals that drink the water, which could throw off the ecosystem.
Pesticides that go into groundwater can effects people also. People use the groundwater for drinking and bathing, and this could be very harmful towards people if they were to consume it.
Many people might disagree with this idea because pesticides do their part in protecting crops and food from insects.
Littering on the streets can get into our water sources as well and e very harmful to the animals living in the water. They could consume something toxic to them or get tangled in the trash. This too could throw off the balance of the ecosystem.
I think that many people would agree with this idea. The government and people should work together to lower the amount of pollution in the water to help keep them cleaner and safer.
"Go Green"
A going green option would be to rive green. Driving a hybrid or an electric car can put fewer emissions into the air, causing less air pollution. But, hybrids are also much more expensive than cars that use fuel. Public transportation is also offered by the government, and carpool is a good idea too.
People can also ride their bikes more and even walk. Using a car only when necessary can help keep our air clean and water because when it rains oil wont wash into our water sources!
Consider all possibilities
. "What can we do to address this situthemseves ation?"
Let the public know the cost of the issue. Inform the public that there needs to be action taking place to fix/ prevent the issue.
2. "What can others do?"
Others can spread the word and let other people know whats going on. Others can also pick up after themselves and clean up trash instead of walking by it and ignoring it.
3. "Are there multiple perspectives on the best way to address the problem? What are they?"
Many people think that others need to be more responsible with what they do with their waste and be much more while some people just don't care and think it wont make a difference,
Can cause harm to people
Harmful to animals
Effects trade between countries
Business could loss money

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