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Taming? or domestic Violence..

No description

Evelyn Gonzalez

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Taming? or domestic Violence..

In Modern Day, Today..
Now in our society domestic violence of any kind is not tolerated. The way Petrucio isolated Kate from her family, let her go to sleep hungry, intimidate her, choosing for her, making her feel wrong most times is now considered a type of domestic violence. Back then it was normal for the husband to keep their "shrew" in line by dominating them and making them obedient probably to a point where they're scared to do anything other than what their husbands tell them. Women have more rights now and are allowed to have as much freedom and superiority as the men. It is definitely common in our society but its consequences are severe once they are reported. depending on how severe the situation is the guilty can spend up to life in jail. for what used to be normal and expected in the time of taming of the shrew is now something that is still common but highly frowned upon and intolerable for who may come across it.
Tuesday, May 19, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Petrucios Intentions
In The Play...
Petrucio weds to a not so young woman Katherina. His intentions on the wedding was not driven by his "love" for her, but for the wealth he would receive on the behalf of Kathrinas father and his self pride in showing how he can tame katherina taken for a shrew and unfit for a wife due to her outspokenness, rude gestures and that hard head of hers. Petrucio on their wedding day excused himself after the church and did not let Katherina stay and enjoy the feast because of an necessary ideal he had to tend to in such a hurry. Kate being forced against her will to leave her own feast was a downer on her complaining she was not going to leave thinking she'd get her way, petrucio now being her husband "tamed" her at that point. The trip being to a place that isolated her from her father and friends. when they arrived at their new home petrucio ordered his servants to cook a meal by screaming at them more than usual. in front of Kate.
Taming? or domestic Violence..
The food cold seemed unfit and even though Kate wanted it she was sent to bed without supper. the next morning kate was being fitted for new clothes and she came accross a hat she desperately adored and petrucio insisted it was not for her even though she kept it at the end petrucio would not have given her a choice of her own. Beside that one slip up so far so good, petrucios taming his shrew quite well.. but question comes if the way he's taming heris a cruel, reasonable and tolerated action?...
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