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3D Max Reflection

No description

Saivardhan Batchu

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of 3D Max Reflection

3D Max Reflection
By:Saivardhan Batchu
Move Tool
We used the move tool every time we had to move an object to a certain point in our drawing. For example, when I made a drawing of a pencil, I had to use the move tool to connect the different parts of the pencil. By using the move tool, I have successfully made an excellent pencil. In the end of this rotation, I have successfully mastered the use of the move tool to precisely place an object where it needs to be placed.
View Cube
We used the view cube to change the perspective viewpoint of our drawing. If I was in the front viewpoint and I had to make a change in the back viewpoint, I would use the view cube to get there very easily. This made it very easy for me to make changes where i would have to rotate the whole drawing to make that change. In the end, I found this tool made my drawings easier to make and helped me to make/correct any changes in my drawing to make them look excellent.
Create Tool
This tool was the most important tool of all because without this tool, you would not be able to make any shape or even a line. By using this tool, I have successfully made multiple drawings with this main tool. This tool will help you to make many different shapes such as: a circle, cube, line, and etc. In the end, I found this tool the most precious tool due to the fact that I used this tool for every drawing that I have done and without this tool I wouldn't be able to make a line.
Which Broad-Based Technology would the skills learned in this rotation fall under?
The Broad-Based Technology that these skills would fall under is "Design." These skills would fall under design because these skills are the main tools you would need to design and make various drawings not only in 3D MAX but also other designing programs.
Essential Skill
How does 3D MAX help me in my future career?
Work Habit
What is 3D MAX?
3D MAX is a 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, and images.
Which Rotation did you just complete?
Three Important Tools
During our experience in 3D MAX, we used three main tools. We used the move tool, the view cube, and the create tool. I found these three tools the most useful and important because it helped me use 3D MAX at its great extent and make amazing drawings that I would have never thought I could have made.
I have just completed the rotation "3D MAX."

Three Potential Jobs
Video Game Making
I want to become a doctor. 3D MAX will help me with my future career because by using 3D MAX I am able to visualize how the human would be like in my head and according to that I can make a 3D image.
A work habit for 3D MAX would be Organized. While I was doing this rotation, I had to be very organized upon what I made and where it goes in my drawing. An example would be my pencil drawing, I had to be organized enough to make sure that all the parts of the pencil are in the right spot.
An essential skill that is needed in this rotation is Computer Use. I chose this essential skill because 3D MAX is a computer software and a computer is a definite necessity. Without the use of a computer, I would have never been able to master the skills needed to use 3D MAX, but luckily I had a computer which I have used for the past week to make my awesome looking drawings in 3D MAX.
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