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Copy of Things fall apart family tree

No description

Lindsey Cruz

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Things fall apart family tree

The family that falls apart Second wife Third wife Ojiugo Ezinma Ekwefi Ikemefuna Nwoye First Wife Okonkwo's son. Nwoye is sensitive and thoughtful, but he is also lacking in a hard wok ethnic. upon his adopted brothers murder at his fathers hand Nwoye begins to question the costumes of his father and his people this leads him to eventually convert to Christianity and be disowned by his father.
Given to Omuofia as a war tribute at a young age Ikemefuna is essentially abandoned in a since by his village. After spending three years in Okonkwo's house Ikemefuna views Okonkwo as his father and has a strong relationship with Nwoye. he is eventually killed by Okonkwo by order of the earth god. Okonkwo's second wife. In her youth, she was one of the great beauties of Umuofia. She has had ten children, but only one has survived. She is a formidable and brave woman, devoted to her surviving daughter, Ezinma. Clever and brave, Ezinma starts as a precocious but sickly child. She is Okonkwo's favorite daughter, and seems to understand his moods. His attitude toward her shows the more tender side of his character. She grows into a beautiful and strong young woman. Okonkwo's third and youngest wife. Okonkwo beats her savagely during the Week of Peace, and must pay a heavy fine to the earth goddess. Okonkwo Nwoye's mother Okonkwo's first wife entrusted with looking after Ikemefuna, although not mentioned much in the book one of the more important underlying charachters

Strong, Masculine and aggressive Okonkwo is the tragic hero in Things fall apart. A Determined man who rises from essentially rock bottom to a prestigious leader. Okonkwo is the physical result of hard work dedication and the refusal to let any obstacle get in between him and prosperity Okonkwo analysis Click following link for analysis Unoka
Unoka is Okonkwo's father. Unoka is known throughout Omuofia as a failure and a disgrace. Unoka was poor, lazy and never really achieved much in life with the exception of compiling a large amount of debt which he never planned on paying off. Upon his death which ocured when Okonkwo was still young Unoka's reputation instilled a deep fear in Unoka which evolved over time to become a paralysing terror of failure.
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