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May 6, 2011

Quotation Rules Fanboys Rules

T Prevo

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of May 6, 2011

Let's Review Quotation Rules! . "Welcome," he said. "We must get started. You're one minute late."
. "I apologi-" Jonas began, and then stopped, flustered, remembering there were to be no apologies.
. He removed his tunic and went to the bed. "I'm one minute late because something happened," he explained. "And I'd like to ask you about it, if you don't mind."
. "You may ask me anything."
. Jonas tried to sort it out in his mind so that he could explain it clearly. "I think it's what you call seeing-beyond,"he said.
. The Giver nodded. "Describe it," he said. Write down 3 things you observe about how the dialogue below is punctuated. How about them fanboys? Why does the first sentence have a comma and a fanboys, but the second doesn't? James saw a giant peach, so he decided to climb on board.

James saw a giant peach and decided to climb on board. Why do these sentences have commas without fanboys? When he climbed on board, he discovered he wasn't alone.
He blinked his eyes, cleared his throat, and charged ahead. Can we name all the fanboys?
S What do fanboys do? What do fanboys need to do their job? What procedures do we need to follow to proofread for run on sentences? Let's try it! Proofread for run-ons: Rock-Paper-Scissors helps you decide between pepperoni or sausage, the freeway or the back roads, the drive home or the sleep home. It answers the little daily decisions that freeze us up. Which team starts the game? Who gets to shower first? Who pays for pizza? And who gets to change baby’s diaper?

These are all tough, challenging questions and they are all easily settled once and for all with a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. It's a serious task so if you do enter the arena, then take my advice.

Just go for two out of three. What's wrong with this? James heard a screech he twisted his head to the left. Your mission:
Read your typed draft for conventions ONLY today.
Please check all quotations and backwards read.
You will have to recheck things you add on Monday, but take care of what you can today! Note: If quoting a source, you still need quotation marks. The punctuation rules still apply, but if it's not dialogue, you don't need to start every quote on a new line.
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