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Immigration Project

The Story of My Grandpa's Journey to Canada

Aidan Ratner

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Immigration Project

Project by Aidan Ratner Traditions Here is a interview with
my grandma about my grandpa. Picture of my grandpa When my grandpa
was 5 years old
he came to Canada from
Ireland because there were no jobs. My grandpa is my
dad's father. Introducing my grandpa, Max Ratner. My grandpa's name is Max Ratner. He is 94 years old (but I get the confusion, he looks like he's only 26). When my grandpa was 16 he was a boxer and a body builder and, he also happened to become Mr. Vancouver in his 20's. My grandpa brought back Jewish traditions. (But we're not really Jewish anymore). Flag of Ireland . Traveling by steerage. People ate basic food like cheese, dry bread , potatoes, crackers and oatmeal because it would not rot quickly. This was because it could take as long as 1 Month to get to Halifax. Pictures of Dublin Ireland in the 1920's. Fun fact it's actually 4000 miles or 6400 km. across Canada to Vancouver by train. Map of Vancouver. Flag of Canada One big tradition is we build furniture. My great grandpa taught my grandpa to build furniture, my grandpa taught my dad, and my dad is teaching me.
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