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Japan earthquake presentation

Japan earthquake presentation

Alec Stroemer

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Japan earthquake presentation

Japan earthquake presentation
By Alec Stroemer and Charlie Tomes What happened? A 8.9 earthquake of japan was unleashed. This caused a tsunami to be directed towards Japan. The Tsunami was 10 meters high It was caused by the pacific plate and the philliphipians plate. The two plates colided together The Earthquake was a huge 8.8
on the ricter scale! This earthquake has caused fires
many fire fighters died trying to
put out fires. The Tsunami only added
to the carnage. It swept away
all many dead bodies, and many
alive people The earthquake hit a power plant,and there is worry of radiation sickness, the reactors have been leaking. This earthquake has devasted Japan, and it will take a long time for them to recover. One way we can help is by donating money to charities, but it will still take a long time for a full recovery. Japan relies heavily on nuclear energy, and now that one of the most important power plants has been destroyed, Japan will have to find new way to produce energy. Here is a story about someone who lives in Japan and has seen the earthquake and tsunami. Thanks for watching!
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