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Coastal Management

By Hannah G-B, Jill Bloxham, Maddie Clarke and Courtney Boyle.

Hannah G-B

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Coastal Management

Coastal Management how the topic is managed What is it? case study take the sand away from beach
- stored in sand bars Vegetation thats been removed can't hold the sand in place - resulting in a dune blow out houses on the
foredune sea walls stop the natural process It is a general term that refers to any activity taking place in the coastal zone, which has a purpose. factors that impact it... Destructive Waves words we learnt... sustainable development development that meets the needs of the present population without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs spit narrow deposit of sand and other materials that extends out into a body of water blowhole a hole in the roof of a coastal cave, produced by wave erosion, through which compressed air and water are forced as waves break into the cave It includes management for nature conservation, management of activity, habitat and species restoration, coastal defence (protection from coastal erosion and flooding) amongst a wide range of other human uses. Bilgola is a great example of how a beach shouldn’t be. The council has allowed people to build on the fore dune which makes the beach unstable. The council has also built a sea wall. Because the house have been built on the foe dunes that have had to remove the vegetation from the area, which stops the natural processes of the coastal regions
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