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The Hero's Journey in Divergent

No description

gabby brown

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey in Divergent

The Ordeal
While all other Dauntless members are being controlled and killing Abnegation, Four and Tris fighting against them and other leaders who are searching for Divergents in order to gain complete control over the government
Receiving the Reward
Four is eventually captured and put under the same control as other Dauntless members. Once Tris enters Jeanine’s control center, she rescues Four from her control, and together they shut down the control system, freeing the Dauntless from Jeanine’s mind control.

The Resurrection
Faced with the death of her mother, Tris must find the inner strength to keep fighting for what she believes is justice.

Call to Adventure
In order to enter the adult level of society, at the age of 16, everyone must take an aptitude test for them to discover the faction they belong to.
The Hero's Journey in

Tests, Allies, Enemies
Obnoxious and overbearing, Peter, a fellow dauntless initiate, constantly antagonizes Tris. Jeanine, the head of Erudite, plans to overthrow Abnegation, the current government and previous home of Tris.
While also blunt, Christina becomes Tris’s first ally in her new environment in Dauntless. She also encourages Tris to succeed in her journey while all others are skeptical of her success.

Meeting the Mentor
Once Tris enters Dauntless, one of the first people Tris meets and befriends is Four, who becomes her closest companion along her journey.
Ordinary World
Before she turns of age, Tris Prior lives in abnegation, a selfless, plain faction.
However, Tris' test has multiple results, an issue named "Divergent," which confuses her and makes her decision even harder because she doesn't want to leave her own faction, but she also wants to enter Dauntless.
Refusal of the Call
Crossing the Threshold
As her first test to enter Dauntless, Tris must jump into the "Pit."
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Four and Tris witness Erudite leaders bringing in "supplies," a serum to control the minds of Dauntless in order to take down Abnegation. They wonder what the serums are actually for, and question their motives.
The Road Back
Instead of returning to her old faction, Tris, Four, and their other allies take on the new journey to find safety outside the city. (Road back to safety)

Return with the Reward
By ending Jeanine’s control system, Tris gave safety and life to many Abnegation. She also temporarily ends Erudite’s vicious quest for power over all the other factions. When fleeing the city, she takes many allies, bringing them to temporary safety.
Tris is the protagonist who leads the journey and completes the quest, showing her bravery.

Four trains Tris and accompanies her throughout her journey
Eric challenges Tris from her entrance into Dauntless and throughout her training
Peter constantly antagonizes Tris throughout her training and betrays Tris by aligning himself with the Dauntless leaders during the simulation

Jeanine tries to eliminate the Divergent in order to have power over all factions
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