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Step No. 1

No description

Giannis Kountouridis

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Step No. 1

(Paid to Click) Profit Booster
Step No. 2
-Go to www.wix.com (free websites)
-Create an account.
-Click on "create" to create your website. This is the place where we are going to sell our new product.
-Take your time and make your website nice and professional.
(The most attractive website gives the best results.)
Step No. 3
Step No. 4
You have just set up the
(Paid to Click) Profit Booster
You may already have seen the amazing results of this system. You are just living and making money.

But remember that the result depends on the attractiveness of your website. You can change anytime your promotion tools to make it more profitable. The key of success is to follow the steps and have an attractive website. Work on it.
Step No. 1
-Go to www.neobux.com and click ads.
We need 16 dollars for future use.
It will take some time to make 16$ but if you already have them, then it's ok. You may pay them in advance.
Step No. 5
Step No. 6
-Go to www.paypal.com.
-Create an account where we will receive the money.
-Create a unique product, if you don't have one already.
We created (PTC) Profit Booster. Create something similar and don't give up. (You can use our steps description, just use a new name for it.) (example: changeyourlife system Etc.)
-Upload your product or system (description,video etc.) to
-In your website, create a second page.
For example: www.yourwebsite.wix.com/secondpage
-In this page, put the download link of your product and then name your page "purchased" or something similar.
(This page will receive all the people who bought your product so they can download it and be happy with it.)
- Go to www.paypal.com, log in to your account, and go to "Merchant Services" tab.
-Then go to "Create payment buttons for your website" section.
-Click on : "Create a button".
-As "Item name" write the name of your new product. (example: changeyourlife system)
-As "price" write the amount you want depending on the time you spend for setting up your new product.
-Ignore "Shipping" and "Tax".
-Click on "Customized advance features"
-For the first, second and third question click "No"
-Now check the box that says : "Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout." and paste your website's second page. (example: www.yourwebsite.wix.com/secondpage)
In that way, after the people buy your product, paypal will send them to the download link.
-Click on: "Create button" and in the tab that says "Website" there is a code. Now copy the code.
-Go to www.wix.com and edit your website again.
-Go to your first (main) page.
-In the left side, there are some tools. Click on : "App market".
-In the search box type : html
-There will be 4 results. Click on the second one that says "iframe /Embed"
-Click on : "Add to site"
-In the settings, there is a box with two options : "website" and "code". Choose "code".
-When the text field appears, paste the code that you copied from Paypal.
-Once you paste it, go down and click on : "Update"
A Paypal button appears. That's your button.

Step No. 7
-Create a video.
You can use camtasia studio to record the screen and to edit the video.
- Before start recording, open "notepad" and type everything that you are going to say in the video. Give your best. Remember "the best setup, the best results."
-Upload your video to "youtube.com" but make the video "unlisted"
-To do that,go to : video manager, edit video, and in the right corner there will be a box with 3 options... choose the one that says " unlisted"
-Click on your video to watch it. Under the video click on: "Shared" and copy the embed code.
-Go to www.wix.com and open your website builder. Go to "App Market", search for "video", and click on the first result ok. Click "Add to site".
-Click on settings. In the "Video URL" paste the video URL (embed code) that you copied from "Youtube".
-Finish your website, adding some cool stuff and design making it more attractive.
Step No. 8
-Go to www.neobux.com and log in to your account.
-Click on : "Advertise" and with the 16$ you have, buy 10000 microexposure clicks... (don't be scared, just do it)
-After 3 minutes, on your left side, go to the "Advertisements" section.
-Click on : "Add another advertisement" and write the name, the description of your website and the link. (
For example
name: changeyourlife system , description : new system, and link: www.yourwebsite.wix.com/changeyourlife)
-Click on : "Submit". Now neobux is going to review your website. Wait for 20 minutes until neobux validate your website.
-Once your website has been validated, click on: "Distribute clicks" and distribute 10000 clicks to your website.
-Click on : "Start" and at this time, neobux will show your website to 10000 people.
-Close everything and relax. End this at night and go to sleep.
You have setup everything.
Step No. 9
-Go to www.neobux.com and log in to your account. (Next day)
-Go to the left area and click on : "Advertisements".
Your website should have already 10000 visits.
-Go to www.paypal.com and log in to your account.
-Look at your earnings.

Now you should have more money to buy more microexposure clicks.

Step No. 10
-Repeat Step No. 8
-This time buy 25000 microexposure clicks.

Relax, and go to sleep. A new day is waiting for you. Clean your head and calm your stress.

-Repeat Step No. 9. (Look at your earnings). Isn't that great?

-You may buy more microexposure clicks (50000) and repeat Step No. 8 again and again.
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