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Biblical Parallels in The Truman Show

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bianca guay

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Biblical Parallels in The Truman Show

My Five Biblical Parallels Christof is the creator of Seahaven.
Sylvia, aka Lauren, is the temptress.
Seahaven is like the garden of Eden.
Christof and Truman meaning Christ of True man.
Truman is Adam, who is tempted by truth. The most appropriate biblical parallel I think the most appropriate parallel is Sylvia, or Eve, being the temptress. She temps Truman with the truth, just like Eve temps Adam with the apple. The only difference is Sylvia gets banished, and in the bible Adam is the one who is banished. Biblical Parallels The Truman Show Describing how each element is a parallel. Christof is the creator, he controls everything in Seahaven. Weather, people, time of day.
Sylvia(Eve) temps Truman with the truth of his life, and the truth about Seahaven.
Seahaven is the garden of Eden, it's a perfect town. Its safe, has no evil.
Truman is Adam, he is temped by Eve and it works.
Christof is the Christ of Truman, who is a true man. He runs every aspect in his life. Appropriate Parallels? Why or Why not? I find these are appropriate parallels because they correctly symbolize parts from the bible. What the Director is suggesting about the Gospel through the use of the biblical parallels I believe the director was trying to suggest that not all creators are as good as god, even if their names have double meanings, and that no matter how hard you try the truth will always come through. By: Bianca G.
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