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Islamic Relief Fund- Religious Studies

No description

Janet Lam

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Islamic Relief Fund- Religious Studies

A force for good
Islam Charity

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Religious Teachings
According to Islamic Relief's Global Strategy 2011-2015 document the organization states their values and teachings are provided by the revelations contained within the Qur'an and Prophetic example. They are:

Sincerity - Ikhlas
Excellence - Ihsan
Compassion - Rahma
Social Justice - Adl
Custodianship - Amana
Mission Statement
According to Islamic Relief's Global Strategy 2011-2015 document, the organisation's four aims are:

1 Protecting Life and Dignity
2 Empowering Communities
3 Campaigning for Change
4 Strengthening the Islamic Relief Family
Charity Action
Right now Islamic Relief has two ongoing development projects, including:

~ Alleviating suffering of Syrian children in Lebanon

~ The provision of quality education for orphans in Afghanistan

To conclude, we believe Islamic Relief Worldwide is a force of good. The reason for this belief is because..
- It follow the teachings of the quote
- It helps many poor countries, not only raising awareness, but physically helping
- Has many productive projects based on different situations
- Though from different religion, gender or country, helps them with no expected return
Charity Background
- Created and found in UK at 1984 by a group of concerned post-graduate students
- Created as this group of students wanted to help those in need
- It expanded and deals with different crises
- Provides support regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender and without expecting anything in return
- Registered with different charities and medical help

- Going for about 29 years
- Is still currently in action

Quote and Meaning
For Islam believers, charity is an important part of being Islam. For example, this quote, said by Qur'an 70:24-25, says....

"And those in whose wealth is a recognised right; for the needy who asks and those who are deprived"
Qur’an 70:24-25

Meaning of Quote
- Giving charity is infinitely times better than the one who needs charity
- To give charity to the deprived ones (define: deprived= Suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits)
- For the ones who have wealth, the wealth is for the needy (people who need charity) and for those who are deprived

Video- Islamic Relief Worldwide
Connection to Action and Quotation
The Islam quote says to...
"And those in whose wealth is a recognised right; for the needy who asks and those who are deprived"

Islamic Relief Worldwide does the followings of the quote, because..
- The organization has money which is donated to the poor
- Goes to different countries and tries to help
- Deals with different situations and problems around the world
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