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A day as a datajournalist at OWNI

No description

Nicolas Kayser-Bril

on 16 January 2011

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Transcript of A day as a datajournalist at OWNI

08:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 19:00 09:00 Email round-up. Tweeting. Link-sharing with the rest of the team. Social networking Teamwork Personal branding Drafting a project with a journalist from a competing newspaper and a journalist from OWNI. Cooperation Gathering data for the said project using available datasets and other sources. Data manipulation MS Excel Lunch with a potential client. She runs a high-profile NGO but her annual report is boring as hell. She turns to OWNI to get ideas on how to make it interactive, exciting, viral. Business-oriented Business development Breaking: An anonymous source released thousands of documents online. Emergency meeting with developers and designers to build the app that will help users browse through the files. Agility Dedication Event to promote open-data with activists and politicians. Lobbying Networking Evangelization "Coopetition" A scraper that siphons and formats public data. Map of the strikes by Mediapart & OWNI View of OLINKS, a tool OWNI's developers made for the newsroom. In 4 days. OWNI organized Hack the Press, a Hacks/Hackers-like event in Paris. The night Assange released the diplomatic cables. CC Ophelia Noor. View of the StateLogs interface. With partners. Meta-newsroom Nicolas Kayser-Bril Datajournalist at OWNI nkb@owni.fr
@nicolaskb Needlebase Scraperwiki
Value creation
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