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Solar System

Tech Fair project about the universe.

Tammy Michaelis

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Solar System

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
by: Ms. Tammy's
4th Grade Class

Sun and the solar system
By: Diego Flores
Mercury is one of the smallest planet in the solar system. The average from the sun is 57,900,000 km.
Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, that make's Mercury the second hottest in the whole solar system. Mercury is very cold at night.
Mercury's rotation is 59 days in Earth time.
And 1 whole revolution in Mercury is 88 days in Earth time.
Mercury's diameter is 4,879 km.
The average temperature is 117'C (332'F) the awesome thing is that a person in Earth is 100 lb.
By: Chaewon
Venus is called the star of the morning because you can see it in the morning.

Venus is about the sames size as Earth.
Venus takes 225 Earth years to orbit the sun.
Even Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate.
Venus's surface temperature is 464*F.
Venus does not have a moon.
If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth, then you would weigh 91 pounds on Venus.
By: Nadine Semaan
Did you know that Neptune is much cooler than Earth? Earth needs sun because then the animals and human beiens dies. It takes a year for Earth to move around the sun one time. In winter the part of Earth is tilted away from the sun. You can see the moon in the day and the sun in the same time.
By: Nicolas Sarmiento
The name Mars comes from the roman god of war. It is named like that because of its red bloodish color caused by the iron oxide on its soil. Mars is the most likely planet scientists have considered about moving humans to Mars. However, it is going to take a lot of work because it only has water undergroun and in its poles. In 1930 it was narrated by radio "The World of Worlds" by H.G. Wells about how the aliens from mars invaded Earth. But through all the East Coast people really thought aliens were really attacking Earth. One time some people reported that they have seeing a human shaped face on the surface of Mars which was just the reflection of shadows and mountains, but some people thought it was a message from aliens. Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system mountain Olympus.
By: Valerie Ledezma
Jupiter has a giant red spot that has many storms, and it is the fifth planet in the solar system.
The distance from the sun is 778,000,000 km. Jupiter days are 10 hr. t
Its four largest moons are Io,Europa, callisto, and Ganymede.
The Sun
By: Ella Assouramou
By: Gabe Benavides
By: Cristian Youn
By: Diego Fernandez
Ancient Astronomy
By: Julian Cordero
By: Naty Muniz
Space Exploration
By: Daniel Reynoard
The Moon
By: Rafa Chinchilla
By: Samantha Beriault
Did You Know...
The Sun
*Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.
*Saturn's rings are made out of particles of ice, rock, and dust.
*NASA found icy jets and geysers on Saturns moons.
*One day on Saturn is equal to eleven Earth Hours.
The sun is a big ball of gas.
It is the center of the solar system. In the past people thought that the earth was the center of the solar system but a man named Copernicos found out that the sun was the center of the solar system. the sun has ray that can make you tan and rays called UV rays that can give you cancer.
Day and Night
By: Camila Vega
Did you also know that the Cassini spacecraft on a mission to Saturn they discovered new rings?
The sun
video of the sun
Did you know ...
that Pluto actually is a little bit closer to the sun than Neptune.
Pluto have a moon called Caronte .
The distance of Pluto from the sun is about 5,906,376,200km.
Caronte shows the same face to Pluto and y Pluto shows the same face to Caronte too.
Pluto was founded by Clayde Tombaugh in 1930.
Do you imagine a solar system with Pluto
in it?
A neat fact about Earth is
the Earth is rocky, and the largest planet of the four Inner planets.
>Temperature is
>If you go to Jupiter
and you weight 100
pounds you will be 214 pounds
Constellations are made by stars but when the seasons change the constellations change because of Earths rotation.
The Moon is Earth satellite. The gravity of Earth makes the Moon orbiting around the Earth.
The craters in the moon are made by chunks in space that crash in the Moon.
The lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes through Earths shadow. The solar eclipse is when the Moon passes through the sun.
One of Neptune's characteristics is that it is very cold.
Instead of a red spot like Jupiter, it has a black spot.
The core is made of rock and iceere and frozen water.There is 3000 far from the sun.
The atmosphere is made of hydrogen . Neptune has about 13 moons. Triton is 1 of Neptune's moons and the last thing is that they discover it in 1846.
The belt part of Orion's belt is made by three stars and those stars are very bright and they are in a perfect straight line which is magnificent.
by Luis Manuel Duque
People thought that the sun moved around Earth.Well that's not true,Earth has an imaginary line,that it's called an axis. An axis is a imaginary line that passes through Earth. That line makes Earth rotation for us to pass around the sun. Earth's axis runs through north pole south pole. Once every 24 hours Earth rotates on its axis.Earth rotation couses day and night. As it rotates one side of earth is daytime and the other is night time. Each planet rotates different than the sun for example venus rotates so slowly that one day in venus is is equal to 225 on earth.
video of the sound
A constellation is a pattern made by stars.
Facts about old space suits.
Thick space suit protects astronauts from extreme temperatures and debris. Also, it is hard to move around in.
People make space ship by hand using
tools. A rocket is basically a devise that burns fuel to create an expanded gas. Shuts out of the bottom of the rocket pushing it up to the sky.
when its summer in U.S.A it is winter in Chile because of the rotation of the earth.
earth tilts on its axis and rotates around the sun
while in one hemisphere is winter in the other its summer.
Since the beginning of time humankind has asked itself "What is up there?" "Are we the center of the universe?" "What are all those points in the sky and why does the sky turn off and on?" People have tried to answer those questions by studying the night sky. Scientists have found astronomical research dating back to the Babylonian times in were now is the border between Iraq and Iran.
Chichen Itza.
This is an observatory at
Archeologists just discovered that the giza pyramids coincide with Orion‘s belt.
Uranus is a planet.
Uranus rings look likes if there were in the side.Methane is a tip of gas, Methane gas in its atmosphere is blue than it gives a color blue. Uranus is the 7th planet farthest from the sun. Its the farthest plant you can see with out a telescope. In 1781 William Herschel discoverd that Uranus is a giant gas planet. Uranus average distances from the sun is 2,871,000,000 k.m. or1,784,000,000 mi. Uranus length of year as measured in the earth time is about 84 years.
Archeologists just also found that in the ancient egypt times the sphinx was looking at the constellation of cygnus and that even that greek discovered the constellation of cygnus or the swan many of the civilizations have something smilar to cygnus
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